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The Gold Series 1: The Most Sought After Metal On Earth
Gold was one of the first metals discovered by ancient peoples and eventually gold grew to symbolize both wealth, royalty, and immortality.
The Gold Series 2: Unearthing The World's Supply
To understand how gold mining & supply work, we must first unearth how deposits form.
The Gold Series 3: The Eclipsing Demand Of The East
Here we look at India & China specifically to see why demand keeps expanding in the East.
The Gold Series 4: Five Reasons To Own Gold
Five reasons: diversify, value, protection, scarcity, & price.
The Gold Series 5: 2014 Trends & Beyond
Gold trends that investors should be watching through the rest of the year & beyond.
1: Gold History
Examines the history of gold from ancient history to the gold rushes of the centuries ago. It looks at its properties & how it became not only a currency, but the gold standard.
2: Gold Mining & Supply
Looks at the supply stream for gold, how it is mined, the cyanide leaching process & which countries are producing & holding onto gold.
3: Gold Uses & Demand
How gold is used across the globe. Generally speaking, half of all gold demand is comprised of jewelry sales. About 10% of gold is used in technology, where it is used in devices ranging from computers, cell phones, space shuttles.
4: Gold As An Investment
How does gold behave like an investment & what are the fundamentals of investing in gold? What are the different ways investors can get exposure to gold in their portfolios.
All The World's Gold
Take a look at the numbers behind the entire amount of gold in the world as well as other facts about gold.
Central Banks Gold Reserves
Central Banks Gold Reserves - who holds how much.
Dip Your Junk In Gold
See the crazy limits rich people go to to show off their fortunes.
Gold & Silver Fever
The crazy things done in the name of gold & silver.
Gold & Silver Sales On Ebay
A close look at the trends of selling gold & silver.
Gold: An Option Of Fear
Gold's previous bull market coincided with a sharp increase in inflation. Today, with inflation tame, fear seems to be the source of the obcession that has led to a trippling of bullion prices in barely five years.
Gold At $1000
Why Credit Suisse think that gold could fall much lower to $1000 in 2014.
Gold Bull Bear
How should investors approach sub $1,300 gold? Our analysts each take a side & answer five questions - here we present the Bull & the Bear case.
Gold: Bull Or Bear
The profitable, hidden & Markovian couple of Swiss and gold.
Gold's Economic Contribution
Gold's total direct economic contribution to annual global GDP.
Gold Facts
Fascinating insights about the world's most famous precious metal.
Gold Protects Investors Purchasing Power
With a strong inverse relationship with the US Dollar and it's role in hedging long-term inflation, gold helps to preserve purchasing power.
Gold IRA
A Gold IRA is a Self-Directed Individual Retirement Account that allows you to safely own physical precious metals.
Gold Is From Space
High-Impact Facts About The World's Favorite Precious Metal. Gold is an incredibly fascinating subject.
Gold On The Silver Screen
What the real value of some of our favorite movie items would be if they were made out of pure gold?.
Gold Reserves Around The World
Showcases global gold reserves, displaying the reserves held by country & region. The side bar displays Irelands gold reserves & current monetary situation.
Gold Rush: An Investment in All That Glitters
Just how has gold stacked up over the years and is it still worth the investment when compared to other precious metals?
Gold Through The Ages
As long as there have been people, there's been an attraction to gold. From pharaohs to hedge funds, gold has been an important tool of building and protecting wealth.
Gold Visualized In Bullion Bars
There's surprisingly little gold in the world & this infographic shows the value of all the Gold ever mined when priced at $2000/oz.
History Of Gold Confiscation
As speculation that the Obama administration may confiscate gold rises, this infographic reminds us that gold confiscation is nothing new.
How Gold Is Making The World A Better Place
Explores the many uses of gold in every day life, from its use within technology to even space exploration.
Investing In Gold Is A Wise Choice
It's hard to ignore the success of precious metals over the past 11 years. Gold is on an eleven year bull run. Investing in gold would have helped you avoid financial peril throughout the collapse of the US markets in 2008 & subsequent years.
Is Gold A Bubble?
Some perspective on gold's decade long run in comparison to other recent bull markets.
Modern Day Gold Rush
Which countries have the most yellow metal?
South African Coins
Features short & concise presentation of South African Coins for collectors & investors.
Tears Of The Sun
Through human history gold has become an exclusive symbol for wealth & power & gained high importance in modern technology. It forces tears of either happiness or sorrow.
The Case For A Coming Mania In Gold
Fiat money systems are breaking down. In previous such episodes, the result has been a significant increase in the price of gold. Consider the evidence.
The Gold Cult
How the human race compel their efforts on that shiny piece of rock.
The Gold Standard
What is the gold standard, anyway? Why did we leave, and what would happen if we went back on?
The Gold Tree
Uses & Sources of Gold - Where gold comes from & where it goes.
The Golden Goose
Gold investment & its rising price.
The Golden Ratio
Measuring market data using fiat currencies can be misleading - even though an asset may rise in dollars, it may be because of declining currency value rather than true economic process. Gold's steady purchasing power makes it an ideal alternative pricing mechanism.
The Great Gold Rout
What caused the rout in gold? Is the gold bull run over, or is this just a momentary blip?
The Greatest Gold Heists
Whether its robbing a stage coach or stealing from a famous casino, here's some of the greatest gold heists in history.
The Royal Mint
Charting the history of the Royal Mint, from 886AD: journeying through historical characters such as Henry VII & Sir Isaac Newton, to today's most tax efficient bullion coins.
The Value Of Gold Investment Options For Your Golden Years
Gold is an ideal investment tool that protects your retirement against unstable global currencies, a growing US deficit & the threat of a worldwide economic recession.
The World's Gold
If you took each country's gold reserves, divided them into standard 1-oz bars & stacked them on top of each other, this is how high they would reach into the sky.
Tracing The Great Chinese Gold Rush
Learn how in less than 75 years China has come to dominate the gold investment market.
Vaulted Gold
Explains what vaulted gold is & visualizes key facts relating to investments in gold, which is stored on behalf of investors in high-security vaults.
Who's Got The Gold?
The top 10 gold holders by country as well as the gold reserves holdings in G8 & G20 countries.
Why The World's Billionaire Investors Buy Precious Metals?
They want to make money - but they also want to execute on strategies that will protect their wealth and build robust portfolios that can withstand any type of macro event.
Why Buy Gold?
Learn how gold, the most reliable of traditional investment assets, acts as a hedge against inflation & money printing.
World Gold Production
Explains the world gold production until 2012, based on recent data from different sources.
World's Gold Producing Countries
It is a fact that a total of 171,300 tonnes of gold have been mined in the world till today & continues to get produced at all places where there is supply of this metal present.
World Official Gold Holdings
Who owns the world's Gold?

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