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As you explore this site you will discover GOLD CHARTS R US is the hub & chart center for Nick Laird's world of charts & historical data.

With Nick's primary focus on gold & precious metals complemented by an extensive range of commodities, forex, global sharemarkets, rates & other market measures you are sure to find many useful charts to feed into your own analysis.

As an ardent student of historical markets and the Long Wave, Nick has continued to build this unique collection of historical data & gold related information since the 1980's. As you will see the result is an extensive collection of historical data sets.

You will also find Nick's charts featured on many other leading websites, in articles, books & magazines. They are also presented by some of the world's best precious metals analysts at conferences, seminars & precious metals events in locations such as Hamburg, Johannesburg, London, New Orleans, New York, Vancouver, Washington.

Our charts have been featured by the following well known Gold, Silver and Market experts; Bill Murphy, Brien Lundin, Bron Suchecki, Bud Conrad, Catherine Austin Fitts, Charles Goyette, David Chapman, David Morgan, Dominic Frisby, Egon von Greyerz, Ed Steer, Franklin Sanders, Grant Williams, James Mark Plaxton, Jeff Neilson, Johannes Forthmann, Jonathan Drouin, John Hathaway, Jordan Roy-Byrne, JS Kim, Kathryn Derbes, Koos Jansen, Larry Parks, Lawrence Williams, Louis Boulanger, Louis Cammarosano, Lynn Fisher, Marc Faber, Mark O'Byrne, Max Keiser, Mike Kosares, Mish Shedlock, Neil Charnock, Pater Tenebrarum, Peter Degraff, Raymond Merriman, Reg Howe, Rolf Nef, Ronald Rosen, Ronald Stoeferle, Sean Brodrick, Steve Saville, Taki Tsaklanos, Ted Butler, Tekoa Da Silva, Ty Andros, Trey Reik & for this we are humbly grateful...

I have added in a new section covering all the Bitcoin/Crypto currencies (over 900 so far) with splash charts, growth charts, performance charts & Top 10/50 Crypto Indices showing price & performance along with unique indicators, so as to quickly get an overview of how the Crypto sector is performing. Perfect for the traders to quickly see what's performing & what's not in Daily/WeeklyMonthly views...

GOLD CHARTS R US supplies charts that showcase Nick's talents:

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GOLD CHARTS R US specialises in charts that have been carefully designed and developed to provide you with a comprehensive range of comparative information on precious metal indices, indicators & technical analysis methods for evaluating the gold and precious metals sector.

Within this world of charts you will discover over 7,000 pages, containing over 50,000 charts covering all the PM markets plus Commodities, COTs, Currencies, Indices, Rates & Stocks.

The range of charts incorporates data from numerous gold & PM feeds - futures, indices, stocks, ETFs, funds, lease rates, stockpiles, ratios, spreads plus many in-house indicators.

The majority of charts are updated daily. Effort is taken to ensure the longest time frame possible is shown. Many variations are shown projecting different perspectives.


CHARTS 'R' US showcases Nick Laird's free charts, giving you access to plenty of examples of his work. Here you will find a range of basic charts updated daily that cover precious metals and global markets.

This site gives you an excellent sample of the basic Gold Charts 'R' Us charts. It offers you an introductory taste of the extensive variety and range of charts you will have access to as a subscriber of Gold Charts 'R' Us, where a low rate annual subscription opens the door to the entire world of Nick's charting.


GOLD MARKET DATA presents Nick Laird's unique and extensive range of historical data.

Gold Market Data lets you buy almost any of the underlying data that is presented in Nick's charts. Choose from the enormous database covering precious metals, COTs, futures, forex, indices and stocks plus gold themed statistics and market data.

You can also purchase the CFTC COTs data broken down into chartable formats showing NET Positions, as well as a weekly update service for this data.

You can purchase a full database, a specific sector of a data base or even just a single datafile. You can also opt to receive a daily update service for the main database to ensure your information remains current.


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