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The single best site for paid charts and data of anything metals-related has to be Nick Laird of goldchartsrus.com. He charges $200 for a year's subscription. If you don't know if you need his service or not, he will give you a three-week trial for $10. If you want to trade the gold/silver ratio or platinum/gold spread, his site is invaluable.
Bob Moriaty - 321gold.com
Can't say it enough, Nick Laird, www.goldchartsrus.com has the BEST precious metals chart database. A great source of information for me.
Dan Popescu
The godfather of precious metals charts.
Video: Gold Flows East - Silver Follows
Louis Cammarosano - smaulgld.com
The book I am writing is about how to invest for a profit without having to know what direction commodities are moving. I have traded silver vs gold for years. I was slobbering when it touched 84. That's like stealing.
But and that's a BIG BUT, you have to have access to good data and charts. That's where you come in. . .
You will be mentioned in the book as the best source of charts in the world for resources.
Bob Moriaty - 321gold.com
Nick Laird of Goldchartsrus.com has compiled some great new charts on the transparency of public gold holdings over time.
Goldchartsrus.com is one of the internet's most comprehensive sources for market related charts and is well worth the subscription.
Article: Transparent Holdings Fall As Bullion Goes East To Russia and China

Well, in order to help readers understand this, I turned to my good friend Nick Laird of goldchartsrus.com, who is among the savviest of all gold-watchers. Nick's database of gold-related charts is, in my opinion, the most complete anywhere on the planet, and you can find out a lot more about them by visiting his excellent website, www.goldchartsrus.com.
Article: The Mousetrap
Grant Williams
My thanks, as always, to Nick Laird of www.goldchartsrus.com, the world's greatest gold data wrangler.
Article: How demand from China could send the gold price soaring
Dominic Frisby
Please check out Nick's work at www.goldchartsrus.com. If you follow gold, you MUST follow Nick.
Article: Charts That Make You Go Hmmm...
Grant Williams
Locked away in his hideout somewhere in eastern Australia, Nick Laird of goldchartsrus.com has collected some of the most varied and fascinating data from financial history. He studies, he collates, he compares markets and he produces some wonderful charts.
Here Nick has plotted 23 of history's greatest bubbles. There are famous ones, such as the Dutch tulip, the South Sea and the dotcom bubbles, and some not so famous. These are markets that, in his own words, "went up many hundreds of percent and then fell back hard".
Article: Gold might look frothy - but it's not a bubble
Dominic Frisby
The aforementioned problem has been masked by widely followed gold-stock indices such as the HUI and the XAU, because over the past several months these indices have been poor proxies for the overall gold sector. It does become evident, however, when we look at a broader-based gold stock index such as the Global Gold Index (GGI) provided by Nick Laird at www.goldchartsrus.com (an excellent subscription-based web site, by the way, because it contains many useful charts that cannot be found anywhere else). Nick compiles the GGI by averaging the HUI, the XAU, the Australian Gold Index (an equally-weighted index of 20 Australian gold producers), the Canadian Gold Index (an equally-weighted index of 18 Canadian gold producers), and the South African Gold Index (based on the old Johannesburg Gold Index). Article: The Sub-Par Performance of Gold Stocks
Steve Saville
Some people find charts and graphs an effective tool towards understanding a difficult concept, and as I indicated in the article referenced, the very, very best charts on the COT on the net are those maintained by a good friend and kitco alumnus, Nick Laird (sharefin) . In addition to maintaining the best COT charts, his site is the best for links anywhere. A quick tip - if you find yourself away from your own puter (can't get your favs) put in "goldchartsrus" on google and every precious metals link you could ever want will be available on one page. I couldn't function without Nick's page.
Ted Butler
What's really great about the silver COT, is that it helps put COMEX trading in proper perspective. It allows you to grasp what has happened to the structure of silver trading through the years. In fact, because we are only talking about a small set of numbers, which change over time, the data can be converted into graphic charts. The very best COT charts can be found at the web site of an Australian friend of mine. In my opinion, the main site is the most information-rich resource for gold, silver and the markets, on the Internet - The Commitments of Traders Report
Ted Butler
Fortunately, that's real easy, since Nick Laird, the owner of the famous "goldchartsrus.com" gold web-portal has already done all of the work. His site in fact is a veritable treasure-trove for gold savers/investors. There is hardly a historical fact, current event, gold web site, chart, resource or other information about gold and precious metals in general on the internet that cannot be found on his site or linked-to from somewhere on his site.

On top of that, he has recently completely overhauled his site organization and structure so that now all of these facts/figures/charts/resources can be found and accessed easily (which wasn't always the case before). If you haven't got one yet, I strongly recommend to everyone a subscription to his site. It used to be free, but the kind of work Nick aka "Sharefin" has put up, and the immeasurable resources he provides ready access to, just absolutely need to be rewarded. And its cheap, especially considering what you're getting.

Alex Wallenwein
The chart above is from the excellent web site at www.goldchartsrus.com that has more gold and silver charts than any other source I've found..
Bud Conrad - article
Love your service. Your Gold site would have to be the best in the world.
You have a great site. Covers everything.
Thanks, you have superb content.
Suffice it to say that I've introduced your site to an interesting handful of individuals, all of whom control meaningful assets under management.  All were nothing less than astounded.
Thanks for the info and for such a fabulous website
Yours is clearly the most comprehensive gold site in the universe.
I really find your site as one of the greatest in the financial community. I couldn't do without!
In a brief 20 minute scan of the site, I see that my subscription has already paid for itself. The amazing gold charts are of course a good part of why - especially the sentiment and ratio charts
What a great chart series this is. If you'd do this every month, this alone would make it worth the subscription to your sight! Great job!
Thanks for keeping us posted on timely and relevant articles on natural resources!
I greatly appreciate this little service that you provide for your subscribers.
This is the best website I have ever been on - CONGRATULATIONS
My complements on your website. Its been a tremendous help to me over the years.
I am so impressed with your service I will definitely be subscribing once the free 10-day trial is complete.  Thanks for providing this service. It is very valuable.
Thanks, Nick.  I can't tell you how many hedge fund managers I've referred to your site (I run a fund of funds for a Fortune 100 family), and their minds are always blown.  I hope it contributes in some small way to your revenues. Thanks for your fantastic work, my ex-fisherman friend.
Dear Nick, I forgot to congratulate you for your site, it is simply excellent
I've seen such a chart and it clearly recorded in my mind, but I just don't have the link., A good Aussie friend, Nick Laird, might be able to help. He has the best collection of precious metals (and other) charts on the internet, as well as an indispensable overall service at goldchartsrus.com
Hey Nick, I have to say I am not sure how I originally came across your site, normally I would remember, but the last week and a half, I've been involved in buying a house, only because it's in the area I've been looking for some time now, but to no avail, and I would have to fall in love with this house.  I do believe, in the Boston area, we are in a bubble and due for quite a correction, That's why I wanted to find that chart again on gold, land and housing. Needless to say my head has been spinning, Decisions. Your site  may have been mentioned on the yahoo nem. or gss. message board, I lurk around there a lot, but in any case, I tried the 10 day trial, and when it was up, I missed it! You see, everything is there, of course, you can find the info. in  other places, but, at least here, it's all in one spot. I am definitely looking forward to your updated charts, because the ones you have are already very good. I just have a feeling this site is going to grow, and I must say, I think most sites are truly a waste to some degree. But, when you can find charts, already configured nicely, For Ex.,  that paint a nice picture as to how many oz.'s of gold it takes to buy a house, when you have charts , even the very simple ones like in the matrix, and all you have to do is to click on it in, I must say, the info. and time savings is valuable. Oh, the other place I usually visit are Sinclair, at least the man keeps it simple. Personally, I think a lot of people are getting tired of hearing The Baloney, Gold will be $1000. by year end, so and so on. usually, if people have some money to play with and the time to do it, they probably weren't total idiots to begin with, or they would not be there. So, I think a lot of them are just looking for The Facts, so the can make their own decisions. Best a site can do then is give them the facts , as clearly and precisely as possible, to help them do their own Due Diligence. Keep up the good work. 
I use this site everyday so I am real glad to have it back. Thanks for all the help and keep up the good work.
I am sure that I speak for many, in saying that we appreciate your dedication and the efforts that you make in sending to us the information that you do. However, I also sure that not many emails arrive expressing appreciation for your efforts. As one who does, Thank you and I hope that you continue to provide this valuable information as and when you are able to.

some of the websites that have hosted www.goldchartsrus.com charts over the years - thank-you


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