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A Gold Rush Voyage On The Bark Orion :- From Boston Around Cape Horn To San Francisco, 1849-1850
by Foster Jenkins

A Year Of Mud & Gold :- San Francisco In Letters & Diaries, 1849-1850
by William Benemann

Activity Worksheets For Trailblazers :- Off To Oregon - Along The Santa Fe Trail - Gold Rush Fever - The River & The Trace - Through The Wilderness
by Lucy Collingwood

Additional Archaeological Investigations :- At The Engine Mill House, Reed Gold Mine State Historic Site, Cabarrus County, North Carolina
by Michael Trinkley

Agony & Death On A Gold Rush Steamer :- The Disastrous Sinking Of The Side-Wheeler Yankee Blade
by Donald Knight

America Weighs Her Gold :-
by James Rogers

American Gold :-
by Ernest Seeman

American Gold Mettle :- A Sentient Perspective Of Ulysses Grant
by Earl Reitz

Anaconda Montana :- Copper Smelting Boomtown On The Western Frontier
by Patrick Morris

Apache Gold & Yaqui Silver :-
by J Dobie

Apple Of Gold :- Constitutionalism In Israel & The United States
by Gary Jacobsohn

Apron Full Of Gold :- The Letters Of Mary Jane Megquier From San Francisco 1849-1856
by Polly Kaufman

Arizona Gold Placers & Placering :-
by Eldred Wilson

Arizona's Golden Secret :- How To Get Your Share Of Desert Gold!
by Ronald Wielgus

Banditti Of The Rocky Mountains :- & Vigilance Committee In Idaho - An Authentic Record Of Startling Adventures In The Gold Mines Of Idaho
by Jerome Peltier

Better Than Gold :- An Immigrant Family's First Years In Brooklyn
by Fannie Silver

Borderland Empires In Transition :- The Triple-Nation Transfer Of Florida

By Sea To San Francisco :- 1849-50 - The Journal Of Dr James Morison
by James Morison

Carolina Gold :-
by Douglas McBriarty

Carolina Gold :-
by Bob Bantel

Carolina Gold Rush :-
by Bruce Roberts

Chesapeake Gold :- Man & Oyster On The Bay
by Susan Brait

Chicago, Gold Guide :-

Chinese Gold :- The Chinese In The Monterey Bay Region
by Sandy Lydon

Cities Of Gold :- A Journey Across The American Southwest In Coronado's Footsteps
by Douglas Preston

Cities Of Gold :- A Journey Across The American Southwest In Pursuit Of Coronado
by Douglas Preston

Colorado Gold :- From The Pike's Peak Rush To The Present
by Stephen Voynick

Colorado Gold :-
by Linda Cajio

Colorado Gold :-
by Douglas Hirt

Colorado Gold :-
by Jack Stanford

Colorado Gold Dust :- Short Stories & Profiles
by Dave Southworth

Colorado Gold Rush :- Contemporary Letters & Reports, 1858-1859
by Le Roy Hafen

Colorado Its' Gold & Silver Mines :- Farms & Stock Ranges & Health & Pleasure Resorts
by Frank Fossett

Confederate In The Colorado Gold Fields :-
by Daniel Conner

Cripple Creek Bonanza :-
by Chet Cunningham

Cripple Creek Gold :- A Centennial History Of The Cripple Creek District
by Brian Levine

Custer's Gold :- The United States Cavalry Expedition Of 1874
by Donald Jackson

Cyclists Route Atlas :- A Guide To The Gold Country & High Sierra North
by Randall Braun

Death Valley & The Amargosa :- A Land Of Illusion
by Richard Lingenfelter

Delos Toole's Where To Find :- Arizona's Placer Gold
by Delos Toole

Delos Toole's Where To Find :- Gold In Oregon
by Delos Toole

Delos Toole's Where To Find :- Yankee Placer Gold

Denver, Rocky Mountain Gold :-
by Thomas Noel

Exploring The Colorado High Country :-
by Jeremy Agnew

Forty Nine :- The Gold Seekers Of The Sierras
by Joaquin Miller

Francisco Coronado :- & The Seven Cities Of Gold
by Ronald Syme

From The Gold Rush :- To The Great Sioux Uprising

Gold & Silver :- In The Presidential Campaign Of 1896
by Kenneth Carpenter

Gold Braid & Foreign Relations :- Diplomatic Activities Of US Naval Officers, 1798-1883
by David Long

Gold Cities, Grass Valley & Nevada City :-
by Jim Morley

Gold Diggers & Silver Miners :- Prostitution & Social Life On The Comstock Lode
by Marion Goldman

Gold Guidebook For Nevada & Utah :-

Gold Mines Of Southwest Oregon :-
by Roy Mayo

Gold Occurrences Of Colorado :-
by Mark Davis

Gold Of Ophir :- The China Trade In The Making Of America
by Sydney Greenbie

Gold Of The Americas :-
by Jennifer Marx

Gold Of White County Georgia :-
by William Otwell

Gold Rush Performers :- A Biographical Dictionary Of Actors, Singers, Dancers, Musicians, Circus Performers & Minstrel Players In America's Far Wes
by Helene Koon

Gold Rushes Of North America :-
by Lionel Martinez

Gold That Did Not Glitter :-
by Viginius Dabney

Gold, Rance & The Great Depression :- 1919-1932
by H Johnson

Great Destinations :- The Monterey Bay, Big Sur & Gold Wine Country Book
by Buz Bezore

Green Gold For America :- The Life & Times Of Roderic Marble Olzendam
by Roderic Olzendam

Green Leaf & Gold Tobacco :- In North Carolina
by Jerome Brooks

Guide To The Cripple Creek-Victor District :-
by Brian Levine

Guns Of The Wild West :- Firearms Of The American Frontier, 1849-1917 - The Handguns, Longarms & Shotguns Of The Gold Rush
by George Markham

Handbook To The Gold Fields :- Of Nebraska & Kansas
by William Byers

Here They Dug For Gold :- Colorado's Gold Rush 1859-1869
by George Willison

How Shakespeare Won The West :- Players & Performances In America's Gold Rush, 1849-1865
by Helene Koon

Idaho's Gold Road :-
by H Gittins

Illinois Gold Hunter In The Black Hills :- The Diary Of Jerry Bryan
by Jerry Bryan

In The Colorado Gold Fever Mountains :-
by Robert Cooperman

John Doble's Journal & Letters :- From The Mines - Mokelumne Hill, Jackson, Volcano & San Francisco, 1851-1865
by John Doble

Journey To Gold Mountain :- The Chinese In 19th-Century America
by Rebecca Stefoff

Kingdoms Of Gold, Kingdoms Of Jade :- The Americas Before Columbus
by Brian Fagan

Land Of Gold :- Reality Versus Fiction
by Hinton Helper

Mexican Silver :- & The Enlightenment
by Clement Motten

Miami/Orlando & The Gold Coast, :- 1989
by Ute Vladimir

Midas Of The Rockies :- The Story Of Stratton & Cripple Creek
by Frank Waters

Miners, Merchants & Missionaries :- The Roles Of Missionaries & Pioneer Churches In The Colorado Gold Rush & Its Aftermath, 1858-1870
by Alice Cochran

Mines Of Silver :- & Gold In The Americas
by P Bakewell

Missouri '49Er :- The Journal Of William Hunter On The Southern Gold Trail
by William Hunter

Montana - The Gold Frontier :-
by Dan Cushman

Montana Gold :-
by MacRae

Montana Gold Rush Diary :- Of Kate Dunlap
by S Tyler

Morris Parker's White Oaks :- Life In A New Mexico Gold Camp, 1880-1900
by Morris Parker

My Gold Coast :- South Florida In Earlier Years
by Lora Britt

New York Gold :-

New York Gold :-

North American Gold Stocks :-
by Robert Jackson

Oklahoma Gold :-
by Mike Edwards

On Gold Mountain :- The One-Hundred-Year Odyssey Of My Chinese-American Family
by Lisa See

On Iowa - A University & Its People :- Old Gold Recipes, Campus Scenes & Traditions
by Louise Roalson

One Man's Gold :- The Letters & Journals Of A Forty-Niner
by Enos Christman

Oregon Gold & Gems Maps :-
by Ralph Preston

Oregon's Golden Years :- Bonanza Of The West
by Miles Potter

Orion - The Gold Beater :-
by George Aiken

Paint, Gold & Blood :-
by Michael Gilbert

Pay Dirt :- A Panorama Of American Gold-Rushes
by Glenn Quiett

Perilous Passage :- A Narrative Of The Montana Gold Rush, 1862-1863
by Edwin Purple

Pilgrims On The Ohio :- The River Journey & Photographs Of Reuben Gold Thwaites, 1894
by Reuben Thwaites

Pioneer Stories Of Nevada :-

Precious Dust :- The American Gold Rush Era - 1848-1900
by Paula Marks

Principal Gold-Producing Districts :- Of Michigan, Wyoming, South Dakota
by A Koschmann

Principal Gold-Producing Districts :- Of Colorado
by A Koschmann

Principal Gold-Producing Districts :- Of Arizona
by A Koschmann

Prospecting Our Past :- Gold Silver & Tungsten Mills Of Boulder County
by Harrison Cobb

Quest For The Pillar Of Gold :- The Mines & Miners Of The Grand Canyon
by George Billingsley

Realms Of Gold :- A Catalogue Of Maps In The Library Of The American Philosophical Society
by Murphy Smith

San Francisco Gold :-
by Ann Zavala

San Francisco Stage :- From Gold Rush To Golden Spike, 1849-1869
by Misha Berson

Soft Gold :- The Fur Trade & Cultural Exchange On The Northwest Coast Of America
by Bill Holm

Soft Gold :- The Fur Trade & Cultural Exchange On The Northwest Coast Of America
by Thomas Vaughan

South Dakota :- Land Of Shining Gold
by Francie Berg

South Pass, 1868 :- James Chisholm's Journal Of The Wyoming Gold Rush
by James Chisholm

Texas Gold :-
by Joyce Shaughnessy

The '59ers - Roaring Denver :- In The Gold Rush Days
by Stan Zamonski

The 1832 Gold Lottery Of Georgia :- Containing A List Of The Fortunate Drawers In Said Lottery
by S Lucas

The Best Of The Sierra Nevada :- Lake Tahoe, Reno, Sequoia, King's Canyon, Yosemite, The Gold Country
by Gerald Olmstead

The Black Hills :- Or, The Last Hunting Grounds Of The Dakotans
by Annie Tallent

The Bridger Trail :- A Viable Alternative To The Gold Fields Of Montana Territory In 1864, With Excerpts From Emigrant Diaries, Letters & Comparativ
by James Lowe

The Chinese In Eastern Oregon :- 1860-1890
by Christopher Edson

The Compleat Pedestrian's :- Partially Illustrated Guide To Greater Nevada City, Or, Romping Around A Gold Rush Metropolis
by Robert Wyckoff

The Contested Plains :- Indians, Goldseekers & The Rush To Colorado
by Elliott West

The Georgia Gold Rush :- Twenty-Niners, Cherokees & Gold Fever
by David Williams

The Gold Of Ancient America :-
by Allen Wardwell

The Golden Constant :- The English & American Experience, 1560-1976
by Roy Jastram

The Great American Gold Rush :-
by Rhoda Blumberg

The Insiders' Guide To Maine's Mid-Coast :-
by Carol Cieri

The Journal Of Wong Ming-Chung :- A Chinese Miner
by Laurence Yep

The Lost Gold Mine Of Juan Mondragon :- A Legend From New Mexico
by Charles Briggs

The Montana Frontier :- 1852-1864
by Granville Stuart

The Past & The Present :- Of The Pike's Peak Gold Regions
by Henry Villard

The Pelican Guide To Sacramento :- & The Gold Country
by Faren Bachelis

The Wells Fargo Book :- Of The Gold Rush
by Margaret Rau

Topographic Map :- Golden Grizzly Project - Gold Exploration In Montana

Trailblazers Series :- Off To Oregon, Along The Santa Fe Trail, Gold Rush Fever, The River & The Trace, Through The Wilderness
by Penn Mullin

Use Of Gold & Other Metal :- Among The Ancient Inhabitants Of Chiriqui, Isthmus Of Darlen
by William Holmes

Vigilantes In Gold-Rush :- San Francisco
by Robert Senkewicz

Washington State Gold Mines :-
by Roy Mayo

Where To Find Gold & Gems In Nevada :-
by Klein

Wisconsin :- The Americanization Of A French Settlement
by Reuben Thwaites

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