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All About Rare Earth Metals
World rare earth metals - production & reserves.
Antimony: Fireproof & Supply-Critical
Antimony is a naturally occurring element in the Earth's crust. It is used in various applications including lead alloys & glass additives, but its primary use is in fire-proofing.
Facts About Rare Earth Elements
Countries all over the world have begun racing to secure new reserves, boost recycling & find material substitutes for these energy-critical materials.
Fluorspar: Essential for Modern Life
Fluorspar is a compound of calcium & fluorine - & fluorine is the most chemically reactive element in existence. Because fluorine combines with other substances so readily, fluorspar is the basis for countless chemicals across numerous applications.
Graphene: The 2D Material That Could Change Everything
Graphene can be synthesized from graphite to create the thinnest, strongest & most conductive material known today.
Graphite: The Driving Force Behind Green Technology
With traditional end uses such as the steel & automotive industries graphite also has many important new applications such as lithium-ion batteries, fuel cells, nuclear & solar power.
The Lithium Ion Battery - A Potential Growth Driver for Natural Graphite
Lithium-ion batteries are already in our mobile devices & power tools, but tomorrow lithium-ion batteries will power the future of green technology.
Magnetite: The Future of Iron Ore
Magnetite ore, long the leading source of domestic iron supply in North America, Europe & China, is now increasingly relevant across the globe.
Manganese: Powering the Next Generation of Lithium-Ion Batteries
Manganese is the 4th most traded metal in the world, mainly because it is indispensable in the production in steel & other alloys.
Rare Earth Elements: Sustainable Technology
Rare earth metals are used in rechargeable batteries, compact fluorescent lamps, solar cells & a variety of other high technology products.
Rare Earth Elements: The Technology Metals
An essential input into almost all technology, their origins, their vital technology applications, China's dominance in producing rare earths & where reserves are located.
Tungsten: An Industrial Metal With Unstable Supply
Tungsten is unique in its extremes. It's extremely hard, heat resistant, dense & environmentally benign. It's used to make cemented carbide, one of the strongest & most durable compounds.
Uranium: The Metal of Tomorrow
Nuclear power is a clean energy source that will be used well into the future to help meet the world's growing energy requirements. Uranium's history, properties & fundamentals moving forward.
Vanadium: A Strengthening Alloy Charged With Potential
The primary uses for vanadium, its supply & demand & future green applications that could potentially affect the metal's demand.

A Clear Look at Diamonds
How diamonds form, their properties, market, future demand & mining.
Athabasca Basin: The World's Highest Grade Uranium District
The Athabasca Basin currently accounts for 15.5% of annual uranium production. Even more interesting, is the grade of these deposits. 10 of the 15 highest grade uranium deposits in the world are found in the region.
Copper: The Essential Metal: History & Uses
Copper is one of the most widely used metals on the planet & has been for more than 10,000 years. It's history is rich & distinctive as its unique colour & it is now indispensable in modern society.
Copper: The Essential Metal: Supply & Demand
Explore why copper prices have increased by 4x over the course of 10 years. Major factors include lower ore grades, exploration pushed to higher risk areas of the globe & growing Chinese demand.
Energy: A Global Picture
The future of the sector & its commodities will depend on fossil fuel reserves are dwindling, the global middle class is blossoming, population growth is spiking, climate change is affecting policy decisions & emerging powers are beginning to have more influence.
Iron: The Core of the Developing World
Iron has been extremely useful to mankind for more than 3000 years & now accounts for 95% of all metal produced annually. Iron ore is now the world's second largest commodity market after oil & is essential for developing nations to build infrastructure & to modernize.
Natural Gas: North America's Energy Future, or Just Hot Air?
New drilling technology has changed the complexion of natural gas & energy in North America. Natural gas reserves in the United States have doubled since 2000 & as a results natural gas prices reached a low in April 2012 below $2 per mcf.
While best known for its use in the five cent coin, nickel has far more strategic uses. Nickel can be alloyed with other metals to create truly extraordinary materials. In fact, more than half of all nickel consumed is used in stainless steel.
Shale Gas: The What, Where & How
Shale gas is trapped thousands of feet underground. How do we extract it & what does the process look like? There are risks involved with extracting natural gas. The good news is that these are well understood & manageable.
The Canadian Oil Boom
The Canadian Oil Sands are the world's single largest petroleum resource at 1.7 trillion barrels. With conventional oil supply decreasing, heavy oil projects such as the oil sands become more attractive economically to meet the needs of growing demand.
Where The Minerals Are
Which country has the greatest stocks of minerals.

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