Infographics on Gold Mining


A Century Of Mining & Exploration In BC
Over the last 100 years, mining & exploration in British Columbia has grown into multi-billion dollar business. We look back at how mining & exploration have changed over the last century.
An Exploration Into The US Mining Industry
Information about the US mining industry, regarding coal, copper, iron ore & gold mining.
British Columbia Development Stocks
Analysis 28 development companies with their main projects in BC. Here are the highlights of the data.
Careers In Mining - 1: The Mine Engineer
Where do they work? What do they do? What are their entry-level salaries?
Careers In Mining - 2: The Metallurgist
We profiled the career path of a Mining Engineer - from education to salary information
Comminution In Mining
Why Smart Companies Are Focusing On It.
Global Gold Mines & Deposit Rankings
How many world class gold deposits are there left? In this infographic we visualize how truly rare of an asset a large & high-grade gold deposit is.
British Columbia Gold & Silver Explorers
Analysis of over 50 gold & silver explorers with their main projects in British Columbia, Canada.
Global Gold Mine & Deposit Rankings 2013
How rare are 1 million plus oz gold deposits? A meticulous examination of existing & future gold supply.
History of Metals Timeline
Metals have played an essential role in the advancement of agriculture, transport and arts & craft - forging the path to today's modern society.
How To Make A Golden Ring
A simple golden band is made of 10g of gold. To obtain this about 20,000 kg of rock is mined, combined with 7000 liters of water & 1.5 kg of cyanide sodium.
Major Gold Miners
The largest gold producers in the major producing countries.
Mining Builds Communities
Mining's impact in communities stretches far beyond the confines of the extraction site. Job creation spanning multiple industries, government tax revenue & infrastructure development are all by-products of mining & contribute to building communities.
Mexican Exploration Stocks
Analysis of 28 exploration companies with their main projects in Mexico. Here are the highlights of the data.
Mining In Australia
Australian land is rich in ore resources & owns a big share of the global production for many of the commonly used mined materials such as Gold, Silver, Bauxite.
Mining Your iPhone
There's more gold in a pound of electronics than a pound of ore.
Nevada The Next American Gold Rush
Nevada has been a prolific mining region in the US since the famous Comstock silver discovery in the late 1800s. However, it is now gold that draws miners to Nevada.
The Gold Life Cycle
Gold mining process - gold mining, panning & melting explained.
The Next Frontier Of Mining
The five most interesting ways that we are exploring for mineral wealth.
Urban Mining
The electronic waste gold mine. Just how much profit?
What Is The Cost Of Mining Gold?
What is the cost of mining gold? Here we look at the Top 50 gold mines in the world & provide analysis.
Where In The World Is The Gold
Here we look at how much gold is produced in mines across the world and ranked the 10 largest producing mines.
Which Gold Miners Hold The Most Supply?
Shows how much gold all of the majors have left to mine in their reserves & resources.
Who's Got All The Gold & Who's Mining It
In times past gold diggers craved the elusive discovery of gold nuggets. Today, just about everyone wears it & its a wise stock for any investor seeking to preserve purchasing power.

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