Infographics on Silver & PGMs


1: Silver History
Today, silver has thousands of modern industrial uses & is considered a store of wealth. However, the story of this legendary precious metal begins with its use by ancient civilizations.
2: Silver Supply Demand
In 2011, there were 1040.6 million troy oz of silver produced. Of this, 84% was used by industry & the remaining was used as an investment. Interestingly, traditional uses of silver only account for about a third of silver fabrication. These include jewelry, coins, medals & silverware. Most silver is actually consumed in over 10,000 modern industrial applications.
3: Silver Investment
We look at the investment properties of silver as well as its chief differences with gold. Highlights include a study on silver correlation, volatility, performance against the US Dollar & money supply & portfolio diversification.
Industrial Silver
Silver prices rose amid expectations for rising silver demand from some industries stoking investor interest.
Is Silver The New Gold
The value of silver has skyrocketed in recent decades - leading many investing experts to believe that silver's price could outpace gold for the first time in history.
Little Known Facts About The Importance Of Silver In Technology
Learn the important role this super precious metal plays in technology, health care and medicine. Read how our lives are better today, and will continue to be, because of the precious metal silver.
Silver Jewelry: Is It Genuine Or Fake
How to tell if your silver jewelry is genuine or fake.
Silver: The Undercover Super Metal
Silver is playing a major role in technology today - find out why?
The Benefits & Uses Of Silver
One of the most useful metals on the planet, silver has been known for 7000 years.
The Wonderful Uses Of Silver
Silver is one of the most important substances on earth. Find out why.
Trouble For Silver
Does low silver demand & high all-in costs spell trouble for silver?
US Coin Silver Content
How to check change for coins with high silver content.
World Silver Production By Country
Silver is one of the most important of all precious metals.

1: Platinum History
While gold & platinum are almost equally as rare, the amount of platinum mined through history is only a fraction.
2: Platinum Supply Demand
Platinum's supply is concentrated in medium-to-high risk jurisdictions, while demand is strongly tied to worldwide auto production.
3: Platinum Investment
Global demand for platinum as an investment has increased 30x since 2003.
Platinum Palladium
With demand rising & supply under pressure, the outlook for investment in physical platinum & palladium is compelling.

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