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All trial & subscription requests are responded to, so if you do not receive a reply, then it's likely that your email service has spamfilters or blocks on your account.

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Also try adding the address to your address book.
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Once registered, subscription access is controlled through htaccess. Each time you come to this website you will be asked for your username & password & this login will last until you close your internet browser. For ease of use it's recommended that you save your username & password in the log-in box (tick the box) which opens when you log into our restricted access website. See example here.

Need For Real Email Address
To be registered with Gold Charts R Us it is essential that you supply us with an "active real live" email address. False email addresses will fail & any email from GoldCharts 'R' Us to you will bounce (Registration, Passwords, Newsletters etc). If this happens your email address will be removed from the list & your registration possibly removed. Please also note that over-full mail-boxes also bounce emails.

Gold Charts R Us Privacy Policy
Gold Charts R Us will not sell, transfer, or otherwise divulge any member information to any third party. As a subscriber, your personal details about your subscription are kept offline. Rest assured that this is where they will stay & that your information is 100% secure. Read more: Privacy Policy

Our Acceptable Use Policy
IP logging is standard procedure utilising the software Password Sentry to detect password traders & hackers & to thwart their efforts. Please click here to find out more.

Manual Subscription
Nick has adopted a keep it simple policy (after being dissatisfied with 3 software packages) and will personally be running the subscription system. This means a more hands on approach to running the services. I will endeavour to do such in a timely & organised manner but one must remember I am only human. As such mistakes may occur but I will do my best to avoid such. I will also be here to rectify any problems should they arise, so please let me know by email if you have any problems.

Lost Username & Password
Email Nick & he will send them to you.

Will be made on a Pro Rata basis less handling expenses.

Thank you!

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