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A Complete Guide Book Of Silver Art Bars :-

Anneke Silver :- Images Of The Goddess & Nature Mysticism
by Jane Magon

Art & Practice Of Silver Printing :-
by Henry Robinson

Art Nouveau & Art Deco Silver :-
by Annelies Krekel-Aalberse

Art Nouveau Domestic Metalwork :- From Wurttembergische Metallwarenfabrik - The English Catalogue 1906
by Wurttembergische Metallwarenfabrik

Artistry In Silver & Steel :- The Adolph Bayers Legend
by Ben Miller

Asmp Book 6 - The Silver Book :- The Annual Of Professional Photography
by American Society Of Magazine Photographers

Asmp Book 7 - The Silver Book :-

Blue Lakes & Silver Cities :- The Colonial Arts & Architecture Of West Mexico
by Richard Perry

Blue Note :- The Album Cover Art
by Graham Marsh

Cat Artists & Their Work :-
by Heather Busch

CDN Graphs, Silver Commemoratives :-

Face Value - American Portraits :-
by Donna DeSalvo

Fine Line - Drawing With Silver In America :-
by Bruce Weber

Francis Silver, 1841-1920 :- An Exhibition Of Paintings & Murals By A Nova Scotian Folk Artist

From Silver To Ceramic :- The Potter's Debt To Metalwork In The Graeco-Roman, Oriental & Islamic Worlds
by Oliver Impey

Frozen In Silver :- The Life & Frontier Photography Of P Larson
by Ronald Bailey

Gold & Silver Embroidery :-
by Pyman Kit

Gold & Silver Needlepoint :-
by Maggie Lane

Heintz Art Metal :- Silver-On-Bronze Wares
by Kevin McConnell

Historic Leadville :- In Rare Photographs & Drawings
by Christian Buys

Impressions Of The Riviera :- Monet, Renoir, Matisse & Their Contemporaries
by Kenneth Wayne

Metalwork & Silver :- Arts & Crafts
by Joanna Wissinger

Oman Adorned :- A Portrait In Silver
by Miranda Norris

Quebec & Related Silver :- At The Detroit Institute Of Arts

Saddlemaker To The Stars :- The Leather & Silver Art Of Edward Bohlin
by James Nottage

Sasanian Silver :- Late Antique & Early Medieval Arts Of Luxury From Iran
by Oleg Grabar

Silver & Black Silk Fabric Cover :- With Flower Petal Paper

Silver & Gold :- Cased Images Of The California Gold Rush
by Drew Johnson

Silver Age - Russian Art :- Of The Early Twentieth Century & The World Of Art Group
by John Bowlt

Silver At Williamsburg - Drinking Vessels :-
by John Hyman

Silver Fork Society :- Fashionable Life & Literature From 1814-1840
by Alison Adburgham

Silver Images Of Colorada Denver Album :- & The 1866 Business Directory
by Richard Ronzio

Silver In The Golden State :- Images & Essays Celebrating The History & Art Of Silver In Caifornia
by Edgar Morse

Silver Shadows - A Directory & History :- Early Photography In Chico & Twelve Counties Of Northern California

Silver Studio Of Design :- A Design & Source Book For Home Decoration
by Mark Turner

Socialism & The Literary Artistry Of William Morris :-
by Florence Boos

Tarnished Silver - After The Photo Boom :- Essays On Photography & Related Matters 1979-1989
by A Coleman

The Aircraft Treasures Of Silver Hill :- The Behind The Scenes Workshop Of Our Nation's Air Museums
by Walter Boyne

The China Trade :- Export Paintings, Furniture, Silver & Other Objects
by Carl Crossman


A Fine Silver Thread :- Essays On American Writing & Criticism
by James Tuttleton

A Literary History Of Rome In The Silver Age :-
by John Duff

Apples Of Gold In Filigrees Of Silver :- Jewish Writing In The Eye Of The Inquisition
by Colbert Nepaulsingh

Crossed Silver :- Poems In Poetry, Drawing & Geometry
by R Crane

Cultural Mythologies Of Russian Modernism :- From The Golden Age To The Silver Age
by Boris Gasparov

Dictionary Of Literary Biography :- The British Literary Book Trade, 1700-1820
by James Bracken

Empire & Aftermath :- Silver Latin II
by J Gray

Kind Words :- A Thesaurus Of Euphemisms
by Judith Neaman

Personal Recollections Of Joan Of Arc :- By The Silver Louis De Conte
by Mark Twain

Poetry Of The Silver Age :- The Various Voices Of Russian Modernism
by Victor Terras

Roman Poetry :- From The Republic To The Silver Age
by Dorothea Wender

Salmon Flash Silver In Her Net :- Poems By Six Women

Shamrocks & Sea Silver :- & Other Illuminations
by Leonard Wibberley

Silver & Information :- National Poetry Series
by Bruce Smith

Silver Answer :- A Romantic Biography Of Elizabeth Barrett Browning
by C Burnett

Silver Apples, Golden Apples :- Best-Loved Irish Verse
by Frank Delaney

Silver Bells & Cockle Shells :- An Anthology For Garden-lovers Arranged In Six Parts
by Eva Nendick

Silver Dollar :- Poems
by Carolann Russell

Silver In My Sporran :- Confessions Of A Writing Man
by Angus MacVicar

Silver Latin Epic :- A Selection From Lucan, Valerius Flaccus, Silius Italicus & Statius
by Currie

Silver Poets Of The Eighteenth Century :-

Silver Poets Of The Seventeenth Century :-
by George Parfitt

Silver Poets Of The Sixteenth Century :-
by Gerald Bullett

Silver Poets Of The Sixteenth Century :- Wyatt, Surrey, Relegh, Philip Sidney, Mary Sidney, Michael Drayton & Sir John Davies
by Douglas Brooks-Davies

Silver Swimmer :- Poems
by Rosalie Boyle

Silver Tongue's :- Famous Speeches From Burke To Baldwin
by John Hayward

Sterling Silver :- Rants, Raves & Revelations
by Silver Cameron

Streams Of Silver :- Six Contemporary Women Writers From Argentina
by Monica R Flori

The British Literary Book Trade :- 1475-1700
by James Bracken

The Fallacy Of The Silver Age :- In Twentieth-Century Russian Literature
by Omry Ronen

The Libro De Alexandre :- Medieval Epic & Silver Latin
by Charles Fraker

The Moon Is Like A Silver Sickle :- A Celebration Of Poetry By Russian Children.
by Miriam Morton

The Myth Of A Pushkin In Russia's Silver Age :- M Gershenzon, Pushkinist
by Brian Horowitz

The Silver Age In Russian Literature :- Selected Papers From The Fourth World Congress For Soviet & East European Studies, Harrogate, 1990
by John Elsworth

The Silver Swan :- Poems Of Romance & Mystery From William Blake To W Auden
by Comp Gregory

The Silver Swan :- Poems Written In Kyoto, 1974-75
by Kenneth Rexroth

Twentieth Century Russian Poetry :- Silver & Steel - An Anthology
by Yevgeny Yevtushenko

Valerius Flaccus' Argonautica :- Abbreviated Voyages In Silver Latin Epic
by Debra Hershkowitz

Voices In Literature :- Silver
by Mary McCloskey

Words Of Silver & Gold :-


Abba Hillel Silver :- A Profile In American Judaism
by Marc Raphael

Biblical Parables & Their Modern Re-Creation :- From 'Apples Of Gold In Silver Settings' To 'Imperial Messages
by Gila Naveh

Blow The Silver Trumpets :- Sermons For Pentecost
by Larry Powell

Golden Doves With Silver Dots :- Semiotics & Textuality In Rabbinic Tradition
by Jose Faur

More Precious Than Silver :- 366 Daily Devotional Readings
by Joni Tada

Never Cross A Palm With Silver :-
by Jacqueline Lichtenberg

Sand & Shell, Carousels & Silver Bells :- A Child's Seasons Of Prayer
by Isabel Anders

Settings Of Silver :- An Introduction To Judaism
by Stephen Wylen

Silver In The Psalms :-
by John Trimble

The Cloud & The Silver Lining :- Ezekiel, The Christian & The Power Of God
by Denis Lane

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