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A Silver Shape :- Recollections Of A Victorian Romance
by George Crawshay

A Study In Silver :- A Second Collection Of Bridge Stories
by David Silver

Adventures Of Long John Silver :-
by Denis Judd

Alfred Hitchcock & The Three Investigators :- In Mystery Of Silver Spider
by Robert Arthur

All For Love :- Baby Doe & Silver Dollar
by John Vernon

All Silver & No Brass :- An Irish Christmas Mumming
by Henry Glassie

Argal - Or The Silver Devil :-
by George Hadley

Assignment Silver Scorpion :-
by Edward Aarons

Aunt Amity's Silver Wedding :- & Other Stories
by Ruth Stuart

Barbaric Comedies :- Silver Face/Beraldic Eagle/a Romance Of Wolves
by Ramon Valle-Inclan

Blood On Silver :-
by George Gilman

By The Light Of The Silvery Moon :- Short Stories To Celebrate The 10th Birthday Of Silver Moon Women's Bookshop
by Ruth Petrie

Christmas In Silver Lake :-
by Coleen Hubbard

Colorado Silver Queen :-
by J Hardin

Corum - The Prince With The Silver Hand :-
by Michael Moorcock

Dark Clouds & Silver Linings :- A True Story Of Love, Families & WWII
by Dorothy Fibush

Dear Silver :- A Palisades Contemporary Romance
by Lorena McCourtney

Death In Silver :- & Mystery Under The Sea
by Doc Savage

Dirt Road To A Silver Crown :-
by Bob Gates

Fantastic Four :- Redemption Of The Silver Surfer
by Michael Friedman

Fire In The Hole :- The Untold Story Of Hardrock Miners
by Jerry Dolph

Friday Night At Silver Star :-
by Patricia Henley

Further Emanations Of Silver Islet :-
by Bill MacDonald

Ghostroad - An Original Silver Spur Novel :-
by Carolyn White

Golden Apples In Silver Bowls :- The Rediscovery Of Redeeming Love
by Leonard Gross

Greatheart Silver :-
by Philip Farmer

Green Latern :- Silver Surfer
by R Marz

Hang Time :-
by Hank Herman

Hidden Silver At Ribbon Rock :-
by Anna Kirwan

Honeymaid :- The Story Of Silver Dollar Tabor
by Martha Roberts

How To Draw Silver Surfer :-
by Steve Behling

Indiana Jones :- & The Giants Of The Silver Tower
by R Stine

Jacaranda Islands, Mandolins Of Montori :- & The Silver Stallion
by Iris Danbury

Jake Logan :- Slocum's Silver
by Jake Logan

Jaxton The Silver Boy :-
by Eleanor Berry

Johnny Moonbeam & The Silver Arrow :-
by Joseph Golden

Jug Of Silver :-
by Truman Capote

Kidnapped, Or :- The Lad With The Silver Button
by Robert Stevenson

Lake Of Silver :-
by B Dell

Legacy Of Silver :- & Angel Of The North
by Colleen Reece

Little Natalochka & The Silver Fish :- A Fairy Tale
by Mykola Trublaèini

Lone Star & The Silver Bandits :-
by Wesley Ellis

Long John Silver :-
by Bjorn Larsson

Longarm & The Shoshoni Silver :-
by Tabor Evans

Longarm & The Silver Mine Marauders :-
by Tabor Evans

Longarm In Silver City :-
by Tabor Evans

Love At Silver Spur :-
by Mardi Parrish

Love Scene :- The Story Of Laurence Oliver & Viven Leigh
by Jesse Lasky

Love's Apprentice :-
by Shirley Abbott

Lunar - Silver Star Story Complete :- Prima's Unauthorized Strategy Guide
by Christine Cain

Maeve Binchy :- Silver Wedding, Firefly Summer, Light A Penny Candle
by Maeve Binchy

McCurdy & The Silver Dart :-
by Less Harding

Mexican Silver :-
by Jake Logan

Miss Silver Deals With Death :-
by Patricia Wentworth

Morgenthau, The New Deal & Silver :- A Story Of Pressure Politics
by Allan Everest

My Pony Silver & Me :-
by Jimenez

Mystery Of Silver Mountain :-
by Chris Oxlade

Mystery Of The Haunted Silver Mine :-
by Gloria Skurzynski

Night Of The Silver Stars :- The Battle Of Lang Vei
by William Phillips

No Silver Spoon :-
by J Arbor

Numero Uno Gang Mysteries :- Mystery At The Market, Mystery At The Casa Grande, The Silver Box Mystery, Mystery At The Fiesta, Mystery Of The Fan Club
by Elaine Pageler

One Silver Second :- A Fable For All Ages
by Daphne Hogstrom

Quellbourne, Land Of The Silver Mists :-

Quest For The Silver Sword :-
by William Connors

Reel Cowboys :- Western Stars Of The Silver Screen
by Bill O'Neal

Rice In Silver Bowls :- A Novel
by Alice Ekert-Rotholz

Riders Of The Silver Rim :-
by Brock Thoene

Ross Of Silver Ridge :-
by G Westwood

Scandal In Silver :-
by Sandra Chastain

Scarlet Sunset, Silver Nights :-
by Leigh Greenwood

Sean O'Casey - Plays Two :- The Shadow Of A Gunman, The Plough & The Stars, The Silver Tassie, Purple Dust, Hall Of Healing
by Sean O'Casey

Silver :-
by Gloria Whelan

Silver :-
by Hilma Wolitzer

Silver - A Novel :-
by Matthew Remski

Silver - The Life Story Of An Atlantic Salmon :-
by Roderick Haig-Brown

Silver Angel :-
by Phoebe Fitzjames

Silver Bells :- Wish List, Mystery At Christmas, The Best Man
by Lisa Bergren

Silver Bells :-
by Val Daniels

Silver Bells :-
by Gwynne Forster

Silver Blades :-
by Library Binding

Silver Blaze :- The Stories Of Sherlock Holmes - Cassette
by Arthur Doyle

Silver Bracelets :-
by Sandra Chastain

Silver Branch :- A Novel Of The Keltiad
by Patricia Kennealy

Silver Brumby Whirlwind :-
by Elyne Mitchell

Silver Bullet :-
by Stephen King

Silver Bullets :- A Soldier's Story Of How Coors Bombed In The Beer Wars
by Robert Burgess

Silver Canyon :-
by Louis L'Amour

Silver Canyon :-
by Logan Winters

Silver City :-
by David Norman

Silver City :- A Novel
by Rui Li

Silver City Ambush :-
by J Hardin

Silver City Carbine :- California Crossfire
by Kit Dalton

Silver City Shootout :-
by Jake Logan

Silver Creek :-
by W Joye

Silver Creek Challenge :-
by Amanda Lee

Silver Dreams :-
by Linda Chaikin

Silver Dreams :- A Myth Of The Sixth Sense
by Joyce Petschek

Silver Elephant & Other Stories :-
by English Language Services

Silver Enchantment :-
by Jane Ireland

Silver Eyes :-
by Laurel Collins

Silver Fangs Tribebook :- Once & Future Kings
by Christopher Howard

Silver Fire :-
by Sally Stone

Silver For General Washington :- A Story Of Valley Forge
by Meadowcroft El

Silver Fox & The Red-Hot Dove :-
by Deborah Smith

Silver Fury :-
by Isabel Whitfield

Silver Fury :-
by Jon Sharpe

Silver Ghosts & Silver Dawn :-
by William Robotham

Silver Gifts, Golden Dreams :-
by Megan Alexander

Silver Girl :-
by Mary Raymond

Silver Guilt :-
by Laurence Meynell

Silver Gulch :-
by William Hopson

Silver Harvest :- The Fundy Weirmen's Story
by J Wilbur

Silver Hearts :-
by Jackie Manning

Silver Hooves :-
by Jon Sharpe

Silver In The Moonlight :-
by Marcia Evanick

Silver Lady :-
by Mary Lyons

Silver Lady :-
by J Innes

Silver Lady :-
by Lynn Erickson

Silver Ley :-
by Adrian Bell

Silver Lining :-
by Lois Szymanski

Silver Linings :- Stories
by Gregory Clark

Silver Linings :- A Novel
by Shirley Davies-Owens

Silver Love :-
by Layle Giusto

Silver Love :-
by Hayton Monteith

Silver Miracles :-
by Fayrene Preston

Silver Mist :-
by Sondra Stanford

Silver Moon :-
by Monica Barrie

Silver Nightingale :-
by Sylvia Thorpe

Silver Nights :-
by Jane Feather

Silver Noose :-
by Patricia Evans

Silver Packages :- An Appalachian Christmas Story
by Cynthia Rylant

Silver Pennies & Linen Towels :- The Story Of The Royal Mmaundy
by Brian Robinson

Silver Pitchers & Other Stories :-
by Louisa Alcott

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