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A Handbook Of Newcastle Silver :-
by Margaret Gill

Antique Maltese Domestic Silver :-
by Jimmy Farrugia

Arab & Islamic Silver :-
by Saad Al-Jadir

Bermuda's Antique Furniture & Silver :-
by Bryden Hyde

Catalogue Of Scandinavian Baltic Silver :-
by R Lightbrown

Channel Islands Silver :-
by Richard Mayne

Chester Silver, 1727-1837 :-
by Maurice Ridgway

Collecting Irish Silver :-
by Douglas Bennett

Covenant Chain :- Indian Ceremonial & Trade Silver
by Jaye Frederickson

Early Connecticut Silver, 1700-1840 :-
by Peter Bohan

English Domestic Silver :-
by Charles Oman

English Engraved Silver :- 1150-1900
by Charles Oman

English Silver :-
by Judith Banister

English Silver :-
by Oliver Chadwick

English Silver :- 1675-1825
by Stephen Ensko

English Silver At Williamsburg :-

English Silver Spoons :-
by Michael Snodin

Exeter & West Country Silver :-

Finnish Silver :-

French Silver :-
by R Lightbown

French Silver, 1450-1825 :-
by Frank Davis

Gorham Silver :-
by Charles Carpenter

Hughenot Silver In England :- 1688-1727
by J Hayward

Irish Georgian Silver :-
by Douglas Bennett

Irish Silver :-
by John Teahan

Irish Silver :-
by Douglas Bennett

Irish Silver :-
by Robert Jackson

Irish Silver In The Rococo Period :-
by Kurt Ticher

Late Georgian & Regency Silver :-
by Judith Banister

Mid Georgian Silver :-
by Judith Banister

Mughal Silver Magnificence :- 1600-1900

New Hampshire Silver :-
by Charles Parsons

Nineteenth Century Silver :-
by John Culme

Norwegian Silver :-
by Ada Polak

Rococo Silver :- 1727-1765
by Arthur Grimwade

Russian Silver Of The 14th To Early 20th Centuries :- From The Moscow Kremlin Reserves
by SIaKovarskaia

Silver In England :-
by Philippa Glanville

Silver In New France :-
by Jean Trudel

Spanish Colonial Silver :-
by Leona Boylan

Straits Chinese Silver :- A Collector's Guide
by Wing Ho

Texas Silver :-
by Holly Harte

The Silver Of Malta :-
by Alaine Bologna

The Water Newton Early Christian Silver :-
by K Painter

Tiffany Silver :-
by Charles Carpenter

Tudor Domestic Silver :-

Viennese Silver 1780-1866 :-
by W Neuwirth


American Silver Flatware, 1837-1910 :-
by Noel Turner

American Silverplate :-
by Dorothy Rainwater

American Silverplated Flatware Patterns :-
by Doris Snell

American Sterling Silver Flatware 1830's - 1990's :- A Collector's Identification & Value Guide
by Maryanne Dolan

Art Nouveau & Art Deco :- Silverplated Flatware
by Doris Snell

Buying Antique Silver & Sheffield Plate :-
by Rachel Field

Catalogue Of The Silver Plate Of Selwyn College :- Cambridge

Collecting Silver & Plate :-
by Guy Williams

Directory Of American Silver, Pewter & Silver Plate :-
by Ralph Kovel

Early American Plated Silver :- Flat & Holloware
by Larry Freeman

Ecclesiastical Silver Plate In Sixth-Century Byzantium :- Papers Of The Symposium
by Susan Boyd

Electroplated Nickel Silver :- & Old Sheffield Plate Makers' Marks, 1758-1943
by Mappin George

History Of Old Sheffield Plate :- Being An Account Of The Origin, Growth & Decay Of The Industry
by Frederick Bradbury

Jewelers' Circular :- Keystone Sterling Flatware Pattern Index
by Keystone Editorial Staff

Late Fourth Century Classicism In The Plastic Arts :- A Systematic Study Of Sculpture, Ivories & Silver Plate
by Bente Kiilerich

Miller's Antiques Checklists :- Silver & Plate
by John Wilson

Official Guide To Silver & Silverplate :-
by Hal Cohen

Official Price Guide To Silver :- Silverplate & Their Makers, 1865-1920
by Carl Luckey

Silver Flatware :- An Illustrated Guide To Pieces, Manufactures & Care
by Helen Cox

Silver Flatware - English, Irish & Scottish :-
by Ian Pickford

Silver Flatware Dictionary :-
by Richard Osterberg

Silver Holloware For Dining Elegance :- Coin & Sterling
by Richard Osterberg

Silver Medallion Flatware :-
by D Soeffing

Silver Plated Flatware Patterns :-
by Fredna Davis

Silverplated Flatware :- An Identification & Value Guide
by Tere Hagan

Sterling Flatware :- An Identification & Value Guide
by Tere Hagan

Sterling Silver Flatware For Dining Elegance :- With Price Guide
by Richard Osterberg

Sterling Silver Holloware :- Tea & Coffee Services, Pitchers & Candelabra, Salts & Peppers, Desk Sets & Dressing Sets, Berry Bowls, Napkin Rings, Cups, Tea Balls & Bells, Trays, Flasks, Match Safes
by Dorothy Rainwater

Sterling Silver, Silverplate :- & Souvenier Spoons With Prices

The Elegance Of Old Silverplate :- & Some Personalities
by Edmund Hogan

The Main Street Pocket Guide :- To Sterling & Silver Plate
by James Burke

The Meriden Britannia Silver-Plate Treasury :-
by Meriden Britannia

The Official Identification :- & Price Guide To Silver & Silverplate
by Jeri Schwartz

The Official Price Guide To American Silver :- & Silver Plate

The Standard Encyclopedia Of American Silverplate :- Flatware & Hollow Ware - Identification & Value Guide
by Frances Bones

The Warner's Collectors Guide To American Sterling Silver :- & Silver-Plate Hollowware
by James Burke

Tiffany Silver Flatware :- 1845-1905 - When Dining Was An Art
by William Hood

Understanding Antique Silver Plate :- Reference & Price Guide
by Stephen Helliwell

Victorian Electroplate :-
by Shirley Bury

Victorian Silver :- Hollow & Flatware, Sterling & Plated
by Larry Freeman

Victorian Silverplated Flatware :-
by Snell

Victorian Silverplated Holloware :- Tea Services, Caster Sets, Ice Water Pitchers, Card Receivers, Napkin Rings, Knife Rests, Toilet Sets, Goblets, Cups
by Princeton

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