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49er Irish :- One Irish Family In The California Mines
by F Calhoon

A Doctor On The California Trail :- The Diary Of Dr John Wayman From Cambridge City, Indiana, To The Gold Fields In 1852
by John Wayman

A Doctor's Gold Rush Journey :- To California
by Israel Lord

A Journey To California In 1849 :-
by William Smith

A World Transformed :- Firsthand Accounts Of California Before The Gold Rush
by Joshua Paddison

After The Gold Rush :- Society In Grass Valley & Nevada City, California, 1849-1870
by Ralph Mann

All The Gold In California :- & Other People, Places & Things
by Gatlin

An Excursion To California :- Over The Prairie, Rocky Mountains & Great Sierra Nevada
by William Kelly

Anisett Lundberg :- California, 1851
by Kathleen Duey

Bibliography Of California Literature :- Fiction Of The Gold-rush Period, Drama Of The Gold-rush Period, Poetry Of The Gold-rush Period
by Joseph Gaer

Bibliography Of California Literature :- Pre-Gold Rush Period
by Joseph Gaer

Blacks In Gold Rush California :-
by Rudolph Lapp

Books Of The California Gold Rush :- A Centennial Selection
by Carl Wheat

Bright Gem Of The Western Seas :- California, 1846-1852 - Early Recollections Of The Mines, Tulare Plains, Life In California - A Report Of The Tulare
by Peter Browning

Bury My Bones In America :- The Saga Of A Chinese Family In California 1852-1996 From San Francisco To The Sierra Gold Mines
by Lani Farkas

California - The Rush For Gold :-
by Linda Wade

California Gold :-
by Edwin Bingham

California Gold :-
by Philis Zauner

California Gold :-
by E Bingham

California Gold Camps :- A Geographical & Historical Dictionary Of Camps, Towns & Localities Where Gold Was Found & Mined, Wayside Stations And
by Erwin Gudde

California Gold Country In A Nutshell :-
by Leslie Ben

California Gold Rush :-
by Phyllis Emert

California Gold Rush :- Search For Treasure
by Catherine Chambers

California Gold Rush :- 1849
by Bronin A

California Gold Rush :- Diary Of Charles Harvey February 12-November 12, 1852
by Charles Harvey

California Gold Rush :-
by Julie Ferris

California Gold Rush :-
by Ralph Andrist

California Gold Rush :-
by R Andrist

California Gold Rush Merchant :- The Journal Of Stephen Davis
by Stephen Davis

California Gold Rush Voyages :- 1848-1849 - Three Original Narratives
by John Pomfret

California Gold-Rush Plays :-
by Glenn Loney

California In Doors & Out :- 1856
by Eliza Farnham

California's Gold :- Teacher's Guide

California's Gold 1991 :-

California's Gold Rush Country :- A Guide To The Best Of The Mother Lode
by Barbara Braasch

California's Gold Rush Country :-
by Leslie Kelly

California's Indians :- & The Gold Rush
by Clifford Trafzer

Chile Peru & The California Gold Rush :- Of 1849
by Jay Monaghan

Chilenos In The California Gold Rush :-
by George Faugsted

Contested Eden :- California Before The Gold Rush
by Ramon Gutierrez

Dark Sweat, White Gold :- California Farm Workers, Cotton & The New Deal
by Devra Weber

Days Of Gold :- Songs Of The California Gold Rush
by Karen Arlen

Days Of Gold :- The California Gold Rush & The American Nation
by Malcolm Rohrbough

Deeper Than Gold :- Indian Life Along California's Highway 49
by Brian Bibby

Delos Toole's Where To Find :- Gold In California
by Delos Toole

Digger - The Tragic Fate Of The California Indians :- From The Missions To The Gold Rush
by Jerry Stanley

Digging For Gold :- Story Of California
by Horatio Alger

Dreams To Dust :- A Diary Of The California Gold Rush, 1849-1850
by Charles Parke

Eldorado, Or, Adventures In The Path Of Empire :- Comprising A Voyage To California, Via Panama, Life In San Francisco & Monterey, Pictures Of The Gold Region & Experiences Of Mexican Travel
by Bayard Taylor

Eureka :- The Story Of The California Gold Rush
by Jerry Parker

Exterminate Them :- Written Accounts Of The Murder, Rape & Enslavement Of Native Americans During The California Gold Rush, 1848-1868
by Clifford Trafzer

For Friends At Home :- A Scottish Emigrant's Letters From Canada, California & The Cariboo, 1844-1864
by James Thomson

Four Months Among The Gold-Finders :- In Alta California
by Henry Vizetelly

Four Months Among The Gold-Finders Of California :-
by Henry Vizetelly

From Mississippi Sand To California Gold :- With Mark Twain
by Deborah Hedstrom

From Mud-Flat Cove To Gold To Statehood :- California 1840-1850
by Irving Stone

Frontier Lady Recollections :- Of The Gold Rush & Early California
by Sarah Royce

Ghost Trails To California :- A Pictorial Journey From The Rockies To The Gold Country
by Thomas Hunt

Gold - German Transcontinental Travelers :- To California, 1849-1851
by Neal Smith

Gold - The California Story :-
by Mary Hill

Gold Country Renaissance :- A Guide To The Artists & Craftsmen Of California's Historic Mother Lode Country
by Winifred Robins

Gold Discovered In California :-
by Regina Phelan

Gold Discovery :- James Marshall & The California Gold Rush
by William Dillenger

Gold Fever! :- Tales From The California Gold Rush
by Rosalyn Schanzer

Gold Fleet For California :- Forty Niners From Australia & New Zealand
by Charles Bateson

Gold In California :-
by Wellman

Gold In California :-
by Todhunter Ballard

Gold In The Sun :- Historic Birthplace Of California
by Richard Pourade

Gold Miners & Guttersnipes :- Tales Of California
by Mark Twain

Gold Mines Of California :- An Illustrated History Of The Most Productive Mines With Descriptions Of The Interesting People Who Owned & Operated Them
by Jack Wagner

Gold Rush :- Letters Of David Wooster From California To The Adrian Michigan Expositer
by David Wooster

Gold Rush :- Letters From Dr James Delavan From California To The Adrian Michigan Expositer 1850-1856
by James Delavan

Gold Rush Nuggets :- A Gold Mine Of Information About Ten Counties In California

Gold Rushes :- From California To The Klondike
by Robin May

Gold Seeking :- Victoria & California In The 1850s
by David Goodman

Green Versus Gold :- Sources In California's Environmental History
by Carolyn Merchant

Hands On History :- Tales & Treasures Of The California Gold Rush

Historic Inns Of California's Gold Country :- Cookbook & Guide
by Joyce Mandeville

How We Got Gold In California :-
by Williams Wells

Inns & Wineries Of California's Gold Country :- Cookbook & Guide
by Susen Foster

Inside Guide To Sacramento :- The Hidden Gold Of California's Capital
by Dan Flynn

J Whitford & The Great California Gold Hunt :-
by Frank Roderus

James Carson's California :- 1847-1853
by James Carson

Journal Of The Adventures :- Of A Party Of California Gold Seekers
by Margaret Frink

Land Of Golden Dreams :- California In The Gold Rush Decade, 1848-1858
by Peter Blodget

Manifest Destiny In The Mines :- A Cultural Interpretation Of Anti-Mexican Nativism In California, 1848-1853
by Richard Peterson

Miwok Means People :- The Life & Fate Of The Native Inhabitants Of The California Gold Rush Country
by Eugene Conrotto

Northern California Gold Country :- The Yuba Feather & Bear Rivers
by Marjorie Giles

Notes Of A Voyage To California :- Via Cape Horn
by Samuel Upham

Oregon & California In 1848 :-
by J Thornton

Overland To California With The Pioneer Line :- The Gold Rush Diary Of Bernard Reid
by Mary Gordon

Personal Adventures In Upper & Lower California :- In 1848-9
by William Ryan

Principal Gold Producing Districts :- Of California
by A Koschmann

Prophets & Paupers :- Religion In The California Gold Rush 1848-1869
by Harland Hogue

Realms Of Gold :- The Colorful Writers Of Sn Francisco 1850-1950
by George Rathmell

Reproduction Of Death Valley In '49 :- Important Chapter Of California Pioneer History - The Autobiography Of A Pioneer, Detailing His Life From A Humble Home In The Green Mountains To The Gold Mines Of California
by William Manly

Roaring Camp :- The Social World Of The California Gold Rush
by Susan Johnson

Rush For Riches :- Gold Fever & The Making Of California
by J Holliday

San Francisco - Yerba Buena :- From The Beginning To The Gold Rush 1769-1849
by Peter Browning

Scharmann's Overland Journey To California :- From The Pages Of A Pioneer's Diary
by Hermann Scharmann

Searching For Riches :- The California Gold Rush
by Lilly Library

Ships Of The California Gold Rush :-
by Martin Riegel

Silver & Gold :- Cased Images Of The California Gold Rush
by Drew Johnson

Southern Rails To California In 1849 :-
by Ralph Bieber

Stories Of A Gold Miner :- Trinity County, California, 1848-1861
by Patricia Hicks

Story Of California :- Gold, The Gray Dawn, The Rose Dawn
by Stewart White

Story Of The California Gold Rush :- Coloring Book
by Peter Copeland

Striking It Rich :- The Story Of The California Gold Rush
by Stephen Krensky

Tales & Treasures :- Of The California Gold Rush
by Randall Reinstedt

Tarnished Gold :- Prejudice During The California Gold Rush
by Winifred Hill

The Adventures Of A Young Swiss In California :- The Gold Rush Account Of Theophile De Rutte
by Theophile de Rutte

The Bandit Joaquin :- An Orphaned Mexican's Search For Revenge In The California Gold Rush
by Don Gwaltney

The Best Of The Gold Country :- A Complete, Witty & Remarkably Useful Guide To California's Sierra Foothills & Historic Sacramento
by Don Martin

The Bordello Stick Incident :- A Gold Rush Adventure & Mystery, Nevada City, California, 1850
by Macey Casebeer

The California Gold Country :- Highway 49 Revisited
by Elliot Koeppel

The California Gold Rush :-
by Tom Ito

The California Gold Rush :- A Guide To The California Gold Rush
by Eugene Hart

The California Gold Rush :-
by Rudolf Steiner

The California Gold Rush :- Overland Diary Of Byron McKinstry, 1850-1852
by Byron McKinstry

The California Gold Rush :- West With The Forty-Niners
by Elizabeth van Steenwyk

The California Gold Rush :-
by John Walton

The California Gold Rush :-
by Gordon Axon

The California Gold Rush :-
by May McNeer

The California Gold Rush In American History :-
by Linda Altman

The California Gold Rush Trail :-
by Lynda Hatch

The California Trail To Gold :- In American History
by Carl Green

The Campo Indian Landfill War :- The Fight For Gold In California's Garbage
by Dan McGovern

The Complete Gold Country Guidebook :- Discovering California's Gold Rush Region

The Experiences Of A Forty-Niner :- In California
by Charles Ferguson

The Fools Of '49 :- The California Gold Rush, 1848-1856
by Laurence Seidman

The Fortune Seekers :- Tales Of California From History & Folklore
by Doris Scovel

The Gila Trail :- The Texas Argonauts & The California Gold Rush
by Benjamin Harris

The Gold Chain :- A California Family Saga
by Regina Phelan

The Gold Coast :-
by Kim Robinson

The Gold Mines Of California :- Two Guidebooks
by Fayette Robinson

The Gold Rush Of 1849 :- Staking A Claim In California
by Arthur Blake

The Gold Seekers :- Gold, Ghosts & Legends From Carolina To California
by Nancy Roberts

The Golden Dream :- California From Gold Rush To Statehood
by Kerry Drager

The Golden Gazette :- News From The Newspapers Of 1848-1857 - Hundreds Of Events Reported From The Exciting Years Following The Great California Discovery Of Gold

The Jews In The California Gold Rush :-
by Robert Levinson

The Legend Of Joaquin Murrieta :- California's Gold Rush Bandit
by James Varley

The Mother Lode :- A Pictorial Guide To California's Gold Rush Country
by Kristin Wrisley

The Mother Lode :- A Celebration Of California's Gold Country
by Charles Moore

The Real Joaquin Murieta :- California's Gold Rush Bandit - Truth vs Myth
by Remi Nadeau

The Robin Hood Of Ei Dorado :- The Saga Of Joaquin Murrieta, Famous Outlaw Of California's Age Of Gold
by Walter Burns

The Shirley Letters From The California Mines :- 1851-1852
by Louise Clappe

The World Rushed In :- The California Gold Rush Experience
by J Holliday

Theory Of Property Rights :- With Applications To The California Gold Rush
by John Umbeck

They Saw The Elephant :- Women In The California Gold Rush
by JoAnn Levy

To California By Sea :- A Maritime History Of The California Gold Rush
by James Delgado

To The Golden Shore :- America Goes To California - 1849
by Peter Browning

Traces Of Time :- California's Gold Rush Country
by Richard Dillon

Travelers Guide To Pioneer Jewish Cemeteries :- Of The California Gold Rush
by Susan Morris

Traveling California's Gold Rush Country :-
by Leslie Kelly

Volunteer Forty-Niners :- Tennesseans & The California Gold Rush
by Walter Durham

We Were 49ers! :- Chilean Accounts Of The California Gold Rush

Where To Find Gold In Southern California :-
by James Klein

With Wings As Eagles :-
by Schulte

Women's Voices From The Mother Lode :- Tales From The California Gold Rush
by Susan Butruille

Woodleaf Legacy :- The Story Of A California Gold Rush Town
by Rosemarie Mossinger

A Golden State :- Mining & Economic Development In Gold Rush California
by James Rawls

California Gold :- The Beginning Of Mining In The Far West
by R Paul

Early Mining Days :- California Gold Country - The Story Behind The Scenery
by Stanley Paher

Gold Mining Company Prospect Uses :- California, Alaska, Arizona, Colorado, Idaho, Utah
by Kenneth Carpenter

Gold, Guns & Gallantry :- A Collection Of True Stories From Annals Of The Northern California Gold Mining Region, Including El Dorado, Placer & Nevada Counties, From 1848 To 1987
by Norman McLeod

Gold-Mining Surgeon :- Hugh Huger Toland, MD, Founder Of The University Of California
by Leon Gottlieb

Lost Sierra - Gold, Ghosts & Skis :- Legendary Days Of Skiing In The California Mining Camps
by William Berry

Old California Gold Mines :- & Gold Mining Towns
by Camaro

Outline History Of An Expedition To California :- Containing The Fate Of The Get All You Can Mining Association
by X O X

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