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Magic & Gold :- Tales From Northern Europe
by Mary Cockett

Magnificent Seven :- The Authorized Story Of American Gold
by Nancy Kleinbaum

Mandarin Gold :-
by James Leasor

Martha Black :- Her Story From The Dawson Gold Fields To The Halls Of Parliament
by Martha Black

Mask Of Gold :-
by Rachel Lindsay

Maximilian's Gold :-
by J Hardin

MechCommander Gold :-
by Prima Development

Miners :-
by Robert Wallace

Miss Morissa, Doctor Of The Gold Trail :-
by Mari Sandoz

Money Mountain :- The Story Of Cripple Creek Gold
by Marshall Sprague

Mont Cant Gold :-
by Paul Fisher

More Precious Than Gold :-
by Cindy Victor

More To Be Desired Than Gold :- A Collection Of True Stories
by J Wilson

Mr Hornbeam's Treasure Hunt :-
by Louise Elliott

Mr Monster's Movie Gold :-
by Forrest Ackerman

Mr O'Malley Goes For The Gold :-
by Crockett Johnson

Mr Silver & Mrs Gold :-
by Dale Fink

Mr T - The Man With The Gold :- An Autobiography Of Mr T
by Mr T

Mr T Starring In Pirate's Gold :-
by Christopher Brown

Mr Toast & The Secret Of Gold Hill :-
by Stuart Brent

Mustang Wild Spirit Of The West :- Black Gold - Brighty Of The Grand Canyon - King Of The Wind
by Marguerite Henry

My Old Gold Boat :-
by Patty Carratello

Mystery Of The Phantom Gold :-
by Lee Roddy

New Story, New Gold :-
by Dennis Pakula

Night Of The Running Man :-
by Lee Wells

Nuke Hill :-
by Steven Spetz

Oath Of Gold :-
by Elizabeth Moon

Odessa Gold :-
by Linda Shaw

Old Man's Gold :- & Other Stories
by Ovid Pierce

Old Mok :- The Story Of A Gold Camp
by Richard Epstein

On The Storied Ohio :-
by Reuben Thwaites

Ouhg & The Gold Snuff-Box :- A Byelorussian Folk-tale

Outlanders - Exile To Hell :-
by James Axler

Outlaw Gold :-
by J Bodine

Outlaw's Gold :-
by Sigmund Brouwer

Pagan Gold :-
by Margaret Rome

Panama Gold :-
by John Benteen

Panama Gold :-
by Rex Harlan

Passages Of Gold :-
by Ginger Ghambers

Pay Dirt - & Other Whispering Sands Stories :- Of Gold Fever & The Western Desert
by Erle Gardner

Pete Aguereberry :- Death Valley Prospector & Gold Miner
by George Pipkin

Picking Up Gold & Silver :- Stories
by Rudyard Kipling

Pilgrim's Progress :-
by Mac Thomas

Pimpernel Gold :-
by Baden

Porto Bello Gold :-
by Arthur Smith

Poseidon's Gold :- A Marcus Didius Falco Mystery
by Lindsey Davis

Pot Of Gold :-
by Gaby Goldsack

Pot Of Gold :-
by John Wiessner

Princess Rosetta & The Popcorn Man :- From The Pot Of Gold
by Ellin Greene

Prospector's Gold :- Canyon Walls
by Zane Grey

Quest For The Cities Of Gold :-
by Richard Glatzer

Race For Gold :-
by Butterwor

Rainbow Gold :-
by Juliet Gray

Ramsey's Gold :-
by Will McLennan

Realms Of Gold :-
by Elizabeth Hunter

Red Gold :-
by Alan Furst

Red Lion & Gold Dragon :- A Novel Of The Norman Conquest
by Rosemary Sprague

Redgate Gold :-
by Jack Slade

Renfrew Gold :- The Story Of A Nova Scotia Ghost Town
by John Hawkins

Reno Gold :- The Unlimited Elite
by Philip Wallick

Riddle Fun With The Scrabble People :-
by Katharine Ross

Ride The Eagle :-
by Vita Vendresha

Ring Of Gold :-
by Sandra Feild

Rings Of Gold :-
by Suzanne Nichols

Riverboat Gold :-
by J Hardin

Riverboat Gold :-
by Jon Sharpe

Rogue Warrior Designation Gold :-
by Richard Marcinko

Rope Of Gold :- A Novel Of The Thirties
by Josephine Herbst

Rush For Gold :-
by Coleen Hubbard

Sackett's Gold :-
by Louis L'Amour

Salt & Gold :- Tales From Czechoslovakia
by Marie Burg

Sancara Gold :-
by Fire

Saucer Eyes :- A Story Of Becoming In Hard Rock Mining Country
by Eulah Laucks

Scales Of Gold :-
by Dorothy Dunnett

Scent Of Gold :-
by Hilary London

Secret Of The Gold Jaguar :- A Solve-The-Puzzles Adventure Tale
by Alan Robbins

Shootout At Gold Creek :-
by William Johnstone

Shorty Harris, Or The Price Of Gold :-
by William Bevis

Shower Of Gold :- Women & Girls In The Stories Of India
by Uma Krishnaswami

Sierra - A Novel Of The California Gold Rush :-
by Richard Wheeler

Sixteen Months At The Gold Diggings :-
by Daniel Woods

Slocum & The Gold Slaves :-
by Jake Logan

Slocum & The Gold-Mine Gamble :-
by Jake Logan

Slocum & The Mountain Of Gold :-
by Jake Logan

Slocum & The Phantom Gold :-
by Jake Logan

Smuggler's Gold :-
by C Cherryh

Spanish Gold :-
by Kevin Randle

Star Gold :-
by Leo Kelley

Stephanie - Heart Of Gold :-
by Cameron Dokey

Stolen Gold :- A Western Trio
by Max Brand

Story Of Gold :-
by Ruth Brindze

Story Of Superstition Mountain :- & The Lost Dutchman Gold Mine
by Joseph Allen

Story Of The Discovery :- Of The Orange Free State Goldfields
by Roberts

Straw Into Gold :- Books & Activities About Folktales
by Jan Irving

Streets Of Gold :-
by Rosemary Wells

Summit :- A Gold Rush History Of Summit County Colorado
by Mary Gilliland

Sundown Collection :- That Man - Better Off Without Me - Birthday Boy - in & Out The Windows - Happy Hour - The Other Side Of Yellow - A New Life - Along The Gold

Surviving On The Gold Mountain :- A History Of Chinese American Women & Their Lives
by Huping Ling

Suzannah Strikes Gold :-
by Elaine Schulte

Tainted Gold :-
by Lynn Michaels

Tales From Gold Mountain :- Stories Of The Chinese In The New World
by Paul Yee

Tales From Gold Rush City :-
by Gaby Goldsack

Tales Of The Gold Monkey Storybook :-
by Judy Alexander

Target Gold :-
by Jon Sharpe

Tarnished Gold :-
by V Andrews

Tarzan & The City Of Gold :-
by Edgar Burroughs

Tears Of Gold :-
by Helen Conrad

Telluride :-
by Susan Schofield

The Abandoned Gold Mine :-
by John C Souter

The Abandoned Gold Mine :-
by John Souter

The American :- River Of El Dorado
by Margaret Sanborn

The Annapolis Story :- The Blue & Gold
by Paul Ilyinsky

The Best Of Joan Hohl :- Tawny Gold Man - Morning Rose, Evening Savage
by Joan Hohl

The Caliente Gold Robbery :-
by J Roberts

The Call Of The Wild :- The Men Of Forty-Mile - In A Far Country - The Marriage Of Lit-Lit - Batard
by Jack London

The Call Of The Wild :- White Fang & To Build A Fire
by Jack London

The Call Of The Wild :-
by Jack London

The Cariboo Gold Rush Story :-
by D Waite

The Clue Of The Gold Doubloons :-
by Carolyn Keene

The Committee Of Vigilance :- A Novel Of Gold Rush San Francisco
by John Cooke

The Company With The Heart Of Gold :- & Other Stories
by Stuart Cloete

The Comstock Gold Fraud :-
by Roberts

The Curse Of Dunbar's Gold :-
by Johnny Boggs

The Devil's Cradle :-
by Jerry Williams

The El Dorado Trail :- The Story Of The Gold Rush Routes Across Mexico
by Ferol Egan

The Exploits Of Ben Arnold :- Indian Fighter, Gold Miner, Cowboy, Hunter & Army Scout
by Ben Arnold

The Eye Of The Eagle :- A Historical Novel Of The First Major American Gold Rush
by George Montgomery

The Glitter & The Gold :-
by Marion Chesney

The Glitter, Not The Gold :-
by Rilla Berg

The Gold & The Dross :-
by Eleanor Farnes

The Gold Bat :- & Other Stories
by P Wodehouse

The Gold Cache :-
by James Schultz

The Gold Coin Robbery :-
by Bob Wright

The Gold Curse :- A Whodunit
by Herbert Resnicow

The Gold Deadline :-
by Herbert Resnicow

The Gold Diggers :-
by Paul Monette

The Gold Frame :-
by Herbert Resnicow

The Gold Gamble :-
by Herbert Resnicow

The Gold In Father's Heart :-
by David Holbrook

The Gold In The Glass :-
by Virginia Chaquet

The Gold Key & The Green Life :- Some Fantasies & Celtic Tales
by George MacDonald

The Gold Key In The Mahogany Box :- & Other Fables To Live By
by Vara Kamin

The Gold Miners' Rescue :-
by Dave Jackson

The Gold Movers :- Larry & Stretch
by Marshall Grover

The Gold Of Black Mountain :-
by Kent Conwell

The Gold Of Noon :-
by Essie Summers

The Gold Rush :-
by Bobbie Kalman

The Gold Rush Widows Of Little Falls :- A Story Drawn From The Letters Of Pamelia & James Fergus
by Linda Peavy

The Gold Seekers :- The Story Of Hernando De Soto - The People & Incidents In The Life Of One Of Spain's Most Colorful Conquistadors
by Margaret Posten

The Gold Solution :- A Whodunit
by Herbert Resnicow

The Gold Trail :- A Western Trio
by Max Brand

The Gold Train :-
by William Grant

The Gold Train Bandits :-
by Lee Roddy

The Gold-Bug :- & Other Tales
by Edgar Poe

The Gold-Domed Moscow :-
by David Shraer-Petrov

The Golden Gizmo :-
by Jim Thompson

The Hat-Shaking Dance :- & Other Tales From The Gold Coast
by Harold Courlander

The Haunted City Of Gold :-
by Jake MacKenzie

The Key Of Gold :- 23 Czech Folk Tales
by Josef Baudis

The Legend Of The Lost Gold :-
by Carolyn Keene

The Little Gold Ring :- & Other Stories
by Cosmo Hamilton

The Lone Ranger :- & The Gold Robbery
by Francis Striker

The Long Journey :- The Story Of The Chinese Landings At Robe During The Gold Rush Era, 1852-63
by Ellen Cawthorne

The Magic Gold Fish :- A Russian Folktale
by Demi

The Mummy's Gold :-
by Jeff Spackman

The Musicians Of Bremen :-
by Vera Southgate

The Mysterious Gold & Purple Box :-
by Jane Watson

The Norwegian :- A Rollicking Tale Of The Wild Trails & The Lure Of Gold
by Harold Eide

The Oyster Pirates :-
by James Walker

The Penetrator Inca Gold Hijack :-
by Lionel Derrick

The Pot Of Gold :- & Other Stories
by Mary Freeman

The Pot Of Gold :-
by Lisa Hopp

The Realms Of Gold :-
by Margaret Drabble

The Ride To Gold Canyon :-
by Ann Sheldon

The Scout No 10 :- Traitor's Gold
by Buck Gentry

The Shogun's Gold :- A Novel Of 19th Century Financial Intrigue
by Masayoshi Sato

The Sierra Gold Mystery :-
by Carolyn Keene

The Silver & Gold At Sunrise :-
by Melanie Silos

The Son Of The Wolf :- Tales Of The Far North
by Jack London

The Spider :- Voyage Of The Coffin Ship
by Grant Stockbridge

The Story Of Superstition Mountain :- & The Lost Dutchman Gold Mine
by Robert Allen

The Story Of The Gold At Sutter's Mill :-
by R Stein

The Tawny Gold Man :-
by Amii Lorin

The Times Of Zenia Gold :- A Verse Novel
by Chris Jones

The Tripods :- When The Tripods Came - The White Mountains - The City Of Gold & Lead - The Pool Of Fire
by John Christopher

The Web Of Gold :- A Game Of Daring Adventure In An Abandoned Gold Mine

Thousand Pieces Of Gold :-
by Ruthanne McCunn

Three Complete Novels :- Dragon's Gold - Serpent's Silver - Chimaera's Copper
by Piers Anthony

Three Gold Pieces :- A Greek Folk Tale
by Aliki

Three Native American Learning Stories :- Who Speaks For Wolf - Winter White & Summer Gold - & Many Circles, Many Paths
by Paula Underwood

Through A Gold Eagle :- A Glynis Tryon Mystery
by Miriam Monfredo

Through Fortress & Rock :- The Story Of Gencor, 1895-1995
by J Jones

Thunder Gods' Gold :-
by Leo Kelley

Tiger's Gold :-
by George Gilman

To Deadwood & Beyond :- Seeking Gold In 1878 - The True Story Of A Young Man Who Went Out West In 1878 To Seek His Fortune, As Told In His Letters Home
by Harry Gill

To Dream Of Gold Apples :-
by Jean Long

To Where Streets Are Made Of Gold :- The Story Of A Filipino Immigrant
by Dorian Sikat

Tom & Ricky Mystery :- The Falling Star Mystery - The Silver Buckle Mystery - The Tree House Mystery - The Thief In The Brown Van - The Gold Coin Ro
by Bob Wright

Tom & Ricky Mystery :- The Secret Code Mystery - The Lost Highrider - The Silver Skateboard - The Garage Sale Mystery - The Gold Mine Mystery
by Bob Wright

Tombstone Gold :-
by Jake Logan

Trader Ike & The Lost Gold Mine :- As Told By Native Boy, Sam John
by Ira Weisner

Trail Of Gold :-
by Dane Coolidge

Triumph Of Gold :-
by Franz Pick

Trojan Gold :- A Vicky Bliss Mystery
by Elizabeth Peters

True Tales Of Pirates & Their Gold :-
by Edward Snow

Tusya & The Pot Of Gold :- From An Old Ukrainian Folktale
by Pseud Yaroslava

Two Boxes Of Gold & Other Stories :-
by Dickins

Two Boxes Of Gold & Other Stories :-

Valley Gold :- The Story Of The Apple Industry In Nova Scotia
by Anne Hutten

Valley Of Gold :-
by Kent Conwell

Vein Of Gold :-
by Elaine Camp

Walt Disney's Donald Duck Finds Pirate Gold :-
by Carl Barks

Western Treasure Tales :-
by Choral Pepper

Where The Light Turns Gold :- The Story Of The Santa Ynez Valley
by Joanne Rife

Where's Waldo Gold Rush :-

Whispering Sands :- Stories Of Gold Fever & The Western Desert
by Erle Gardner

White Gold :-
by Curtiss Matlock

White Gold Wielder :-
by Stephen Donaldson

Why The Hyena Does Not Care For Fish :- & Other Tales From The Ashanti Gold Weights
by Peggy Appiah

Windows Of Gold :- & Other Golden Tales
by Selma Lanes

Witch's Gold :- The Works Of Hamlin Garland - 45 Volumes
by Hamlin Garland

Worth His Weight In Gold :-
by Molly Katz

Yamashita's Gold :-
by Tate Holt

Young Indiana Jones :- & The Lost Gold Of Durango
by Megan Stine

Zane Grey's Lassiter :- Brother Gun - Redgate Gold
by Jack Slade

Zuni Gold :-
by Jack Slade

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