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Paddy Hannan :- A Claim To Fame
by Tess Thomson

Paddy's Pot Of Gold :-
by Dick King-Smith

Panhandle Gold :-
by Kent Conwell

Paper Gold :-
by Michael Goodkin

Passion's Gold :-
by Nancy Kovats

Passion's Gold :-
by Susan Sackett

Passion's Gold :-
by Yvonne Kalman

Patriots' Gold :-
by Virginia Voight

Paved With Gold :- The Romance & Reality Of The London Street
by Augustus Mayhew

Perilous Gold :-
by Leonard Wibberley

Picacho Gold :-
by Jack Metzler

Pieces Of Gold :-
by Nancy Mosny

Pigeon Post :-
by Arthur Ransome

Pillars Of Gold :-
by Alice Ellis

Pillars Of Gold & Silver :-
by Beatriz De La Garza

Pillow Of Gold :-
by George Montgomery

Pineapple Gold :-
by Joann Dobbins

Pioneer Goldseekers Of The Omineca :-
by Ralph Hall

Pisa, Gold Guide :-

Planet Of Gold :- A Layman's Pragmatic Economic Humanism
by Russell Byrd

Polka Dot, Circles & Gold :-
by Marjorie Pearsall

Pompeii, Gold Guide :-

Portrait In Gold :-
by Patricia Ainsworth

Portuguese Rule On The Gold Coast :- 1469-1682
by John Vogt

Pot Of Gold :-
by Meriel Brooke

Pot Of Gold :-
by Julia Grandle

Pot Of Gold :-
by Jill Bennett

Pot Of Gold :-
by Judith Michael

Pot Of Gold Caper :-
by Katie Mulcahy

Prairie Gold :-

Precious Gold, Precious Jade :-
by Sharon Heisel

Prima's Official Guide To Dungeon Keeper Gold :-
by Melissa Tyler

Prince - Three Chains Of Gold :-
by D McDuffie

Promise Of Gold :-
by Joan Druett

Provence, Gold Guide :-

Pure Gesture :-

Pure Gold :-
by Kristi Yamaguchi

Pure Gold :-
by Ole Rolvaag

Pure Gold :-
by Ollen Boston

Pure Gold :-
by Beverly Kelly

Quest - Cities Of Gold & Glory :-
by Dave Morris

Quest For Apache Gold :-
by Howard Pelham

Quest For Gold :-
by Gene Botts

Quest For Gold :-
by Mike Wattone

Quest For The West :- In Search Of Gold
by Peter Kent

Raider's Gold :-
by J Hardin

Rain Of Gold :-
by Victor Villasenor

Raptora Red Gold :-

Rapture's Gold :-
by F Bittner

Rattlesnake Dick :-
by Robert Elder

Reaching For The Gold :-
by Everett Beich

Real Gold In Those Golden Years :-
by Charles Garrett

Realms Of Gold :- An Iliad Of Our Time
by Frangos

Realms Of Gold :- Myths & Legends From Around The World
by Ann Pilling

Rebel Gold :-
by Thomas Firth

Records Of The Castlemaine Pioneers :-

Records Relating To The Gold Coast Settlements :- From 1750 To 1874
by J Crooks

Red Gold :-
by M Bush

Regency Gold :-
by Marion Chesney

Reindeer & Gold :-
by Keith Murray

Remme's Ride For The Gold :-
by Thorn Bacon

Rice Gold - James Hamilton Couper :- & Plantation Life On The Georgia Coast
by James Bagwell

Rick Oshay Hipshot & Me :- A Memoir
by Stan Lynde

Ridge Of Gold :-
by James Brown

Riding For Gold :-
by Merlanne Cazaly

Riding The Gold Curve :-
by Faye Morgan

Ring Of Gold :-
by Eloise Weld

River Of Beaver, Stream Of Gold :-
by Ellen Carney

River Of Gold :-
by Jerry Ahern

River Of Red Gold :-
by Naida West

Rivers Of Gold :-
by Janet Edmonds

Road To Gold :-
by William Labarge

Rock Gold :-

Rogue's Gold :-
by W Lee

Romantic World Of Gold :-
by Tony Nolan

Ronsard & The Age Of Gold :-
by Elizabeth Armstrong

Rooney's Gold :-
by Ilobel Lambot

Ryan's Gold :-
by Cordia Byers

Sable & Gold :-
by Jack Canon

Sacramento - River Of Gold :-
by Julian Dana

Salt Is Better Than Gold :-
by Stepan Zavrel

Salt Is Sweeter Than Gold :-
by Andrew Peters

Samuri Of Gold Hill :-
by Yoshiko Uchida

Sands Of Gold :-
by Day Taylor

Santa Barbara Gold :-
by Tom Tuttle

Saskatchewan Gold :-

Scarlet & Gold :-
by Ellen Marsh

Schimmelhorn's Gold :-
by Reginald Bretnor

Scottish Gold & Silver Work :-
by Ian Finlay

Sea Of Gold :-
by Yoshiko Uchida

Search For Mad Jack's Crown :-
by J Fortune

Search Of Mary Katherine Mulloy :-
by Carol Bolton

Seasons Of Gold :-
by Caroline Tolley

Secret Of The Mountain :-
by Margaret Hardisty

Settlements, Trade & Polities :- In The Seventeenth-Century Gold Coast
by Ray Kea

Sharpe's Gold :- Richard Sharpe & The Destruction Of Almeida, August 1810
by Bernard Cornwell

Ship Of Gold :- In The Deep Blue Sea
by Gary Kinder

Ship Of Gold :-
by James Leasor

Ship Of Gold :-
by Thomas Allen

Sifted Gold :-
by Y Wilson

Silver & Gold :- Courtly Splendor From Augsburg
by Lorenz Seelig

Silver & Gold :-
by Bull

Silver & Gold :-
by Steven Reti

Sim's Gold :-
by Noellene Moore

Simba Gold :-
by Donald Courtney

Sing Of Black Gold :-
by Dale Kenmuir

Singing & The Gold :-
by Matthiessen

Sir Walter Ralegh :- Gold Was His Star
by Reginald Wood

Six Gold Stars :-
by Dexter Mast

Slocums Gold :-
by Jake Logan

Snowskate Goes For Gold :-
by Sherry Miller

Solid Gold :-

Solid Gold Illusion :-
by Claire Burch

Southern Gold :-
by Deryle Chavis

Southern Gold :-
by Nell Shilling

Spinning Straw Into Gold :-
by Valerie Bailey

Spinning Straw Into Gold :-
by C Cribb

Spirit's Gold :-
by Stuart Dillon

Spur Double :- Gold Train Tramp - Red Rock Redhead
by Dirk Fletcher

Spurgeon's Gold :-
by Edmond Swem

Stake Your Claim :- Exploring The Gold Mine Within
by Emmet Fox

Stampede North :-
by Ruth Franchere

Stonewall's Gold :-
by Robert Mrazek

Strands Of Gold :-
by Kathleen Morgan

Strangers Dark & Gold :-
by Norma Johnston

Straw Into Gold :- A Scots Miscellany
by David Toulmin

Streets Of Gold :-
by George Rawlyk

Streets Of Gold :-
by Marie Raphael

Streets Of Gold :-
by Karen Branson

Streets Of Gold :-
by Evan Hunter

Streets Of Gold :-
by Sidney Jacobson

Sweet Ivy's Gold :-
by Paula Paul

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