Tuesday, April 7 2020

Transparent Precious Metal Holdings - Gold

CME new warehouse stocks

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CME Warehouse Stocks

CME adds in almost 5m ounces to it's base physical holdings via holdings for it's new gold contract (4,833,153oz) - a 43% increase in physical.

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Sunday, April 5 2020

Swiss gold refiners to resume work, easing supply constraints

Three of the world’s biggest gold refineries said they will partially reopen after a two week closure that disrupted global supply of the metal.

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Saturday, April 4 2020

Gold/Silver - Futures - COTs - Commitment of Traders

COTs this week

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Transparent Precious Metal Holdings - Gold/Silver

Flows this week

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Friday, April 3 2020

LBMA and COMEX try to Reassure the Market – Twice in One Week

The moral of that story and the lessons that we can learn are simple – don’t believe the pronouncements of the powers that be in the London and US gold markets, especially during a crisis. In March 1968, during the last days of the London Gold Pool, as the central bank cartel ship began to sink, theystodd steadfast in denials that anything was amiss, brazenly saying that “the London Gold Pool reaffirm their determination to support the pool."

This time around, with their hollow claims about “healthy stocks of gold in London and New York”, and that the “LBMA has offered its support to CME Group”, the names may have changed but the denial strategy remains the same. It therefore seems that while history doesn’t repeat itself, it still often rhymes.

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Germany Hoarding Gold to Prepare For Currency Reform, Italy Dishoards

The Germans are wary of inflation, for which they hold physical gold as insurance. In the 2011 survey by CFin, more than 80% of the respondents said to “buy gold because of the preservation of value and protection against inflation.”

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Thursday, April 2 2020

LBMA London Gold Holdings

The London Float = approx 1074t

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Wednesday, April 1 2020

US Mint Coin Sales

US Mint sales for March

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Perth Mint Coin Sales

Perth Mint sales for March

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Tuesday, March 31 2020

COMEX can’t find a 400 oz bar for its new 400 oz gold futures contract

With continuing problems besieging the tag team COMEX – LBMA paper gold markets where the front month gold futures contract (now June) continues to trade above the London spot price of price, the contango that emerged a week ago between the New York – London ‘gold price discovery’ duopoly shows no sign of abating.

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COMEX Gold Deliveries

First Day deliveries.

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CME Deliveries: Metals Issues And Stops Report

CME deliveries stopped for 17302 contracts

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Top platinum miners declare force majeure after coronavirus lockdown

South Africa, which accounts for around 70% of mined platinum supply, called the shutdown last week to try to slow the spread of the coronavirus outbreak.

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US Mint Employee Tests Positive For Covid-19 At West Point Mint, Causing 'Temporary' Shutdown

Not only is no bullion being produced, but Authorized Purchasers are not able to get their “allocation” of West Point gold & silver bullion.

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Monday, March 30 2020

The Gold Chronicles - Next Great Depression

Opening salvos of Global Financial Crisis II

The entire precious metals complex (gold and silver) has been cleaned out globally

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Sunday, March 29 2020

United Kingdom Gold Imports & Exports

UK flows for January

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EuroStat Gold Imports & Exports

Euro flows for January

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Coronavirus pushes London banks to consider additional gold storage sites

The five banks that clear gold trades in the London market are considering expanding their network of storage locations to other countries if it becomes impossible to fly enough gold in and out of London, said two sources involved in the discussions.

The move would be aimed at reducing the risk of disruption if metal cannot reach London, the world’s most important physical gold trading hub, where trades are underpinned by metal held in high-security vaults.

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Saturday, March 28 2020

Chinese SGE Gold Withdrawals

SGE withdrawals for February

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