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Altavest Worldwide Trading
Bloomberg Markets
Charles Stanley - Broker
CME - Globex Quotes
CNNMoney - World Markets
CNNMoney - World News
Corporate Company Information
EOD - Global Stock Data Downloader
GFD - Global Financial Data
Index Universe
ING Group
International Business Resources
MW International Indices
OffStats - Official Stats On The Web
Nasdaq Global Markets
Quoteline - Live Global Markets
UBS Quotes
Yahoo - International Indices

Barchart - Nikkei Data
Barton's Asian Stock Market Charts

Canadian Market Watch
Canoe Money
CDNX Canadian Venture Exchange
MSE - Montreal Stock Exchange
TMX - Toronto Stock Exchange

Bovespa Exchange
NZSE - Market Information
Kina Securities PNG
The Moscow Times - Business
Troika Dialog

Alec Hogg's Money Web RSA
Business Day
FIN 24
JSE - Securities Exchange
Mbendi - Africa's Stock Exchanges
MBendi AfroPaedia - SA Info Directory
Sharenet SA - Charts
Sharenet SA - Major Moves JSE
Sharenet SA - Market Spot Prices

Irasia - Investor Relations Asia
Irasia - Asia Info Resources
Kuala Lumpur Stock Exchange
Hong Kong Futures Exchange
TOCOM - Tokyo Commodity Exchange
Nikkei 225 - Charts - Daily Weekly
Nikkei 225 - Last 5 Days Chart
Roubini Global Economics Monitor
Singapore Stock Exchange
The Business Times

Deutche Bank - German Brokerage
ComDirect DE
Deutsche Borse Index
E-Trade UK
FTSE - International
Hemmington Scott - UK Equities
Invest.CH - Swiss Market
Deutsche Bundesbank
Italian Stock Exchange
Stockholm Stock Exchange
Swiss Info

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