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GIA - Gemological Institute Of America - Diamond Grading Report
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Hillman Hall Of Minerals & Gems
Historical Study Of Precious Stone Valuations & Prices
How Are Gems Cut & Polished?
IC Minerals
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IGC Gemstone Reference Library
International Lapidary Association
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Janet Annenberg Hooker Hall Of Geology, Gems & Minerals
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Lapis Mineralien Magazine
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Making Your Own Polariscope For Gemology
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Rough Diamond Guideline Price List
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Sapphire Untreated
Smale - Beautiful Minerals
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Steinbach - Star Sapphires
Sun Angel Gemstone Glossary
Sweet Surrender Crystal Mine
Swiss Association Of Crystal-Searchers
Taking Photos Of Reflective Objects
The AGL Colored Stone Grading Report
The Albert Chapman Mineral Collection
The Amber Lady
The Arkenstone - Fine Mineral Specimens
The Arkenstone - Fine Mineral Specimens Gallery
The Australian Gemmologist
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The Rainbow Of Gems
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The Wired Chemist - Crystal Habits
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Treasures Of The Earth
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