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AME - Mineral Economics
American Institute Of Mining, Metallurgical & Petroleum Engineers
AMIRA - Australian Minerals Industry Research Association
Australian Mineral Foundation
Behre Dolbear - Minerals Industry Consultants
Bob's Rock Shop - Rockhounds Show Calendar
Canadian Minerals & Mining Statistics
Common Minerals & Their Uses
CSIR Mining Technology
CSIRO - Division Of Minerals
Dendritics Gemscales
Dendritics Calculations & Formulas - PMs & Gems
ETH Zurich - Institute Of Metallurgy
Facts About Minerals
Hunt's First Law Of Mineral Deposits
Inside Mines
Institute Of Materials Processing
JOM - Journal Of Metals
Metallurgical & Materials Transactions
Minerals Education Coalition
Minerals Engineering International
Mintek - Mineral & Metallurgical Technology
Periodic Table Of Elements
RMMLF - Rocky Mountain Mineral Law Foundation
SciCentral - Earth & Space Sciences - Research News
Steve Sorell - Crocoite
Tasmanian Minerals Council - Australia
US Environmental Protection Agency
USGS - Mineral Commodity Summaries
USGS - Minerals - Statistical Compendium
USGS - Minerals Information - Africa & The Middle East
USGS - Minerals Information - International Mines
USGS - Minerals Yearbook
USGS - Publications & Data Products

Collecting Mineral Books
The Great San Francisco Crystal Fair

AGSO - Mineral Resources
Alaska Mineral Resources
Alphabetical Listing Of Mineral Species - A To Z
AMEBC - Association For Mineral Exploration BC
Are We There Yet - Fieldtrip Resources
Artificial Cavities - Italian
Athena Mineralogy
Baker Egg Mine - Thunder Eggs
BLM - Bureau Of Land Management
BLM - Locating A Mining Claim/Site
Bob's Rock Shop
Bob's Rock Shop - Collecting Micrometeorites
Bob's Rock Shop - Link List
Bob's Rock Shop - Mineral Cleaning
Bob's Rock Shop - TOC
Bova Gems
Census Of Australian & New Zealand Minerals
Chamber Of Minerals & Energy Of Western Australia
Colorado Rockhounding
Crystallography & Mineral Crystal Systems
Crystallography & Minerals Arranged By Crystal Form
Current Archaeology
Dangerous Laboratories
Dept Of Conservation - Minerals & Mining
Dept Of Mineralogy - Geneva
Earth Moods Photos & Minerals
EJM - European Journal Of Mineralogy
ESU - Earth Science Dept
ESU - The World Of Amber
Fluorescent Minerals
French Association Of Micromineralogy
George Bush - Mineral Control & Africa
Global Change Research Program
GORP - Crater Of Diamonds State Park
Great Rocks - Fine Quality Minerals
Hawaii - Dept Of Lands & Natural Resources
House Committee On Natural Resources
How To Grow Crystals
Hunting For Meteorites
Impactika - Meteorites, Tektites & Related Minerals
Institute Of Mineralogy & Mineral Resources
Iowa Department Of Natural Resources
James Sowerby - His Publications & Collections
Jan Rock Links
John Betts Fine Minerals
Julius Kruttschnitt Mineral Research Centre
Ken's Florescent Minerals
Kreigh - How I Became A Rockhound
Kreigh's Web Resources Collection For Rockhounds
Krystallos - Quartz Crystal Photography
Lapis Mineral Magazine
Le Regne Mineral - French Mineralogical Magazine
Maryland Collecting Site
MII - Mineral Information Institute
Mineral Glossary Of Terms
Mineral Identification Tools By Mineralab
Minerals & Mineral Locations In Australia & New Zealand
Mineral News
Mineral Spectroscopy Server
Mineral World Scratch Patch
Minerals Of Wisconsin
Mineralogy Database
Mineralogy Software
Minerals By Chemical Compostion
Minerals By Class
Minerals By Name
Minerals Under The Microscope
MinServ - Earth Science & Infotech
Mount Vesuvius Minerals
Moving Rocks - Sliding Stones
MRC - Mineralogical Research Company
NASA - Global Change Master Directory
National Climatic Data Center
Nature's Expression - Natural Gifts & Souvenirs
New Mexico Bureau Of Mines & Mineral Resources
New York State Academy Of Mineralogy
Norwegian Rock & Mineral Guide
NSW - Department Of Mineral Resources
Ohio DNR - Department Of Natural Resources
Oregon Rockhounds
ORES - Online Resources For Earth Scientists
OSTI - The Virtual Library Of Energy Science & Technology
Periodic Table Of The Elements
Photographing Fluorescent Minerals
Quest For Fire At Opal Hill Mine
Rare Copper Country Specimens
Rbmineral - Stuttgart
Rock Candy Mine - Grand Forks - BC, Canada
Rock Collecting Site Links
Rockamania - New Mexico
Rockhound Links
Rockhounding Arkansas
Rockhounding At Hauser Geode Beds
Rockhounding For Tourmaline At The Himalaya Mine
Rockhounding Graves Mountain - Georgia
Rockhounding In Colorado
RockMan Mineral Specimens
Rocky Mountain Federation Of Mineralogical Societies
SMEDG - Sydney Mineral Exploration Discussion Group
Souterrains - Artificial Cavities
Spheres To You - Mineral Spheres
Stanford Exploration Project
Star Fire Quartz Crystal Mine
TASA - Geoscience Graphic Arts
TASA - Minerals On The Internet
The Alaska Department Of Natural Resources
The Art Of Suiseki - Stone Art
The Curious Lore Of George Frederick Kunz
The Eudialyte Page
The Fossickers Network - Australia
The Geode Gallery
The Meteorite Exchange
The Mineral Web
The Photo-Atlas Of Minerals
The Stone Company
The Stoneworks
Tim Fisher - Ore Rock On
Topaz Mountain - Rockhounding Tips
Twelveheads Press
UC Minerals
USGS - Mineral Resources Program
USGS - Mineral-Resource Specialists Directory
USGS - Minerals Information
USGS - Minerals Publications & Data
USGS - Programs In Utah
V-Rock Shop
Vermont Agency Of Natural Resources
Virtual Field Trips
Washington State Mineral Council
WebElements - Periodic Table Of The Elements
WWW On Earth Sciences

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