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150 Years Of Gold Mining In Victoria
1865 - Lost Confederate Gold
Archon - British Historical Manuscripts Commission
Beechworth - Gold Mining Australia
Bimetallic Standard & Bimetallism
British Library
British University Research Libraries
California Gold Mining Terms & Procedures - 1876
California State Parks - Gold Country Region
California's Gold - Vidoes On California
Carolina Observer - Gold Mines
Carricatures About Bimetallism & The Crime Of 1873
Currency Principles & The Connection With Prices
Deep Black Lies
Discovery Of Gold - John Sutter 1848
FDR's 1933 Gold Confiscation Was A Bailout Of The Federal Reserve Bank
Fort Knox, An Impregnable Monument To Security Theater
Gippsland Gold Discovery
Gold Country Region
Gold Dredges In The North
Gold Mining History - Tallapoosa County, Alabama
Gold-Eagle - Dow VS Gold Stocks In The 1929 Crash
Gold Rush Chronicles
Gold Rush History Links
Harry Fonseca Paintings - The Discovery Of Gold In California
Helen, Georgia - Gold Mining History
History North - Yukon & Alaskan History
History Channel - Gold Rush of 1849
History Of Gold At Beaconsfield
History Of The Vulture Gold Mine In Arizona
James Marshall - California's Gold Discoverer
Jay Gould
Katherine Mine - Lake Mead
Lasseter's Diary
Lasseter's Gold
Law's Gold Indicator
Legends Of Lost Gold
Marshall Gold Discovery
Mercantilists & Classicals - Fiat Vs Gold - PDF File
Minfacts - Historical Resources
Minfacts - Life On The Goldfields
Monetary History Of Gold
Monte Cristo Gold Mine
NARA - National Archives & Records Administration
Nevada County Gold History
NZ - Goldfields Mining Centre
NZ - The Thames Gold Field
Oregon Trail History
Original Sixteen To One Mine
Otago Goldfields Heritage Trail - NZ
PBS - Gold Search
Placer Gold History - 1896-1966
Reed Gold Mine
Sonora - California
Stefan Zweig & France's gold
The 20 Biggest Gold Heists in History
The California Gold Country - Highway 49 Revisited
The California Sesquicentennial Pages
The Curse Of The Ship Of Gold
The Gold Clause Resolution - 1933
The Gold Room - 1862-69
The History Of Bimetallism In The US
The History Of Gold
Mystery Of The Hungarian Gold Train
The Treasure Of The Lost Dutchman's Gold Mine
The Treasures Of The House Of The Lord
Turning Water To Gold
USGS - Gold History & Information
Wells - Mining The Motherlode
WGC - The Story Of Gold

American Memory
Archiving Early America
California Academy Of Science
California History & Paradise Coin - Dogtown Territorial Quarterly
California State Parks - Columbia State Historic Park
California State Parks - Malakoff Diggins State Historic Park
Colorado - Lore, Legend & Fact
Eighteenth-Century Resources
Flinders Ranges Research - South Australia History
Heritage Books - Archaeological Publications
Historic Buildings In America
History Of Texas
History Of The Black Hills Of South Dakota
Jerome - Historic Mining Town
LOC - Historic American Buildings Survey
McCarthy & The Old Kennecott Copper Mine
Mining History Network - Mining Links
MS Book & Mineral Company
National Gallery - London
National Portrait Gallery - London
National Portrait Gallery - Washington
Online Highways - Travel Guide To Montana
OUP - Oxford University Press - Journals
PBS - History
PBS - Egypt's Golden Empire
PBS - The American Experience
SI - Smithsonian Institution
Tate Collections - London
The 1872 Mining Law
The Chilkoot Trail To The Klondike
The Cripple Creek Collection
The Early America Review
The Overland Trail
UK National Archives

Arizona Ghost Towns
Ballarat Ghost Town - Death Valley
Bodie State Park Historic Park
Bodie, California
Boom Towns & Relic Hunters
Buncom - An Oregon Ghost Town
Calico Ghost Town
California State Parks - Bodie State Historical Park
Colorado Ghost Towns & Mining Camps
Creede - Colorado Ghost Town
Flash Flood On The Apache Trail
Frontier Trails - Adventures In History
Ghost Town Gallery
Ghost Town USA
Ghost Towns & History Of The American West
Ghost Towns - Montana Online Highways
Ghost Towns - St Elmo
Ghost Towns Of Arizona
Ghost Towns Of Nevada
Granite Gap Ghost Mining Camp
Jerome - City In Arizona
Jerome, Arizona
Montgomery City - A Real Ghost Town
Oatman - Arizona
Randsburg California Revisited
The Mining Towns Of San Luis Potosi, Mexico
Tombstone - Arizona
Turon Ghost Towns
Tumco - Hedges - Colorado

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