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All the stocks below (approx 400) have been culled out of the Australian mining stocks list. All have some precious metals content (AU/AG/PGMs) even if it's only a small percentage of the company's involvement. They range from 100% pure gold producers through to non-gold producers with a small % interest in gold.

Clicking on the stock code will open a chart of the stock. Clicking on the name will take you to the company website.

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AQG.AXAlacer Gold Corp
ALK.AXAlkane Resources
AGG.AXAnglogold Ashanti
AMI.AXAurelia Metals
AGD.AXAustral Gold
BHP.AXBHP Billiton
DCN.AXDacian Gold
EVN.AXEvolution Mining
IGO.AXIndependence Group
KCN.AXKingsgate Consolidated
KLA.AXKirkland Lake Gold
MML.AXMedusa Mining
MLX.AXMetals X Ltd
NCM.AXNewcrest Mining
NST.AXNorthern Star Resources
OGC.AXOceanagold Corp
OZL.AXOz Minerals
PGI.AXPanterra Gold
PRU.AXPerseus Mining
RMS.AXRamelius Resources
RND.AXRand Mining
RRL.AXRegis Resources
RSG.AXResolute Mining
RIO.AXRio Tinto
SFR.AXSandfire Resources
SAR.AXSaracen Mineral
SLR.AXSilver Lake Resources
SBM.AXSt Barbara
TBR.AXTribune Resources
TRY.AXTroy Resources
WGX.AXWestgold Resources
WMX.AXWiluna Mining
ZIM.AXZimplats Holdings
ETPMAGETFS Physical Silver
ETPMPDETFS Physical Palladium
ETPMPMETFS Physical PM Basket
ETPMPTETFS Physical Platinum
GOLD.AXETFS Physical Gold
^AORDAustralia All Ords
XGD.AXAustralia Gold Index
QAU.AXBetashares Gold Bullion ETF
DDD.AX3D Resources
ACS.AXAccent Resources
ADN.AXAdelaide Resources
AIS.AXAeris Resources
AGR.AXAguia Resources
ALY.AXAlchemy Resources
AQI.AXAlicanto Minerals
AGS.AXAlliance Resources
AYM.AXAltius Mining
AJM.AXAltura Mining
ANL.AXAmani Gold
ATM.AXAneka Tambang
AAR.AXAnglo Australian Resources
AWV.AXAnova Metals Ltd
AZY.AXAntipa Minerals
AOP.AXApollo Consolidated
ARU.AXArafura Resources
ARD.AXArgent Minerals
AXT.AXArgo Exploration
ARE.AXArgonaut Resources
AHK.AXArk Mines
ARV.AXArtemis Resources
AAJ.AXAruma Resources
ARO.AXAstro Resources
AHN.AXAthena Resources
AKN.AXAuking Mining
AUR.AXAuris Minerals
AOU.AXAuroch Minerals
ARM.AXAurora Minerals
ANW.AXAus Tin Mining
AMG.AXAusmex Mining
AOA.AXAusmon Resources
AUL.AXAustar Gold
APC.AXAustralian Potash
AVW.AXAvira Energy
AVQ.AXAxiom Mining
AZS.AXAzure Minerals
BAR.AXBarra Resources
BSM.AXBass Metals
BSR.AXBassari Resources
BRL.AXBathurst Resources
BBX.AXBBX Minerals
BCN.AXBeacon Minerals
BMG.AXBMG Resources
BOA.AXBoadicea Resources
BOC.AXBougainville Copper
BRB.AXBreaker Resources
BNR.AXBulletin Resources
BUX.AXBuxton Resources
CAD.AXCaeneus Minerals
CAE.AXCannindah Resources
CBY.AXCanterbury Resources
CAY.AXCanyon Resources
CMM.AXCapricorn Metals
CVV.AXCaravel Minerals
CWX.AXCarawine Resources
CRB.AXCarbine Resources
CDV.AXCardinal Resources
CNB.AXCarnaby Resources
CAV.AXCarnavale Resources
CAP.AXCarpentaria Exploration
CZI.AXCassini Resources
CMD.AXCassius Mining
CCZ.AXCastillo Copper
CDT.AXCastle Minerals
CYL.AXCatalyst Metals
CAZ.AXCazaly Resources
CNL.AXCelamin Holdings
CTM.AXCentaurus Metals
CHN.AXChalice Gold Mines
CHZ.AXChesser Resources
CTO.AXCitiGold Corp
CLY.AXClancy Exploration
CLZ.AXClassic Minerals
CHK.AXCohiba Minerals
CRL.AXComet Resources
CSE.AXCopper Strike
CZN.AXCorazon Mining
CXO.AXCore Exploration
CGM.AXCougar Metals
CZR.AXCoziron Resources
CXX.AXCradle Resources
CGN.AXCrater Gold Mining
CUL.AXCullen Resources
CY5.AXCygnus Gold
CYM.AXCyprium Metals
DAU.AXDampier Gold
DTM.AXDart Mining
DTR.AXDateline Resources
DEG.AXDe Grey Mining
DRX.AXDiatreme Resources
DCX.AXDiscovEx Resources
DME.AXDome Gold Mines
DMG.AXDragon Mountain Gold
DRE.AXDreadnought Resources
DGO.AXDrummond Gold
DKM.AXDuketon Mining
EM2.AXEagle Mountain Mining
EGS.AXEastern Goldfields
EFE.AXEastern Iron
E25.AXElement 25
EMR.AXEmerald Resources
ERM.AXEmmerson Resources
ERL.AXEmpire Resources
ENT.AXEnterprise Metals
EQE.AXEquus Mining
ESS.AXEssential Metals
ESR.AXEstrella Resources
EUC.AXEuropean Cobalt
EUR.AXEuropean Lithium
FML.AXFocus Minerals
FNT.AXFrontier Resources
GCY.AXGascoyne Resources
GML.AXGateway Mining
GBZ.AXGBM Resources
GMD.AXGenesis Minerals
GES.AXGenesis Resources
GPR.AXGeopacific Resources
GLA.AXGladiator Resources
GME.AXGME Resources
GMN.AXGold Mountain
GOR.AXGold Road Resources
GCR.AXGolden Cross Resources
GED.AXGolden Deeps
GMR.AXGolden Rim Resources
GSN.AXGreat Southern Mining
GTE.AXGreat Western Exploration
GTR.AXGTI Resources
GMC.AXGulf Minerals
HMX.AXHammer Metals
HHM.AXHampton Hill Mining
HNR.AXHannans Reward
HDY.AXHardey Resources
HAS.AXHastings Rare Metals
HAV.AXHavilah Resources
HAW.AXHawthorn Resources
HLX.AXHelix Resources
HRR.AXHeron Resources
HGM.AXHigh Grade Metals
HGO.AXHillgrove Resources
HRN.AXHorizon Gold
HRZ.AXHorizon Minerals
HOR.AXHorseshoe Metals
HCH.AXHot Chili
IMA.AXImage Resources
IPT.AXImpact Minerals
ICG.AXInca Minerals
IDA.AXIndiana Resources
IVR.AXInvestigator Resources
IXR.AXIonic Rare Earths
IBG.AXIronbark Zinc
JAL.AXJameson Resources
JRV.AXJervois Mining
JRL.AXJindalee Resources
KAI.AXKairos Minerals
KZR.AXKalamazoo Resources
KGM.AXKalnorth Gold Mines
KPC.AXKazakhstan Potash Corp
KGL.AXKGL Resources
KIN.AXKin Mining
KSN.AXKingston Resources
KOR.AXKorab Resources
KTA.AXKrakatoa Resources
KGD.AXKula Gold
LSA.AXLachlan Star
LKE.AXLake Resources
LNY.AXLaneway Resources
LRS.AXLatin Resources
LCD.AXLatitude Consol
LCY.AXLegacy Iron Ore
LEG.AXLegend Mining
LML.AXLincoln Minerals
LLO.AXLion One Metals
MRP.AXMacPhersons Resources
MAU.AXMagnetic Resources
MGU.AXMagnum Mining & Exploration
MAR.AXMalachite Resources
MLL.AXMali Lithium
MSR.AXManas Resources
MEY.AXMarenica Energy
MZN.AXMarindi Metals
MEU.AXMarmota Energy
MAT.AXMatsa Resources
MXR.AXMaximus Resources
MBK.AXMetal Bank
MLM.AXMetallica Minerals
MDI.AXMiddle Island Resources
MEP.AXMinotaur Exploration
MRR.AXMinrex Resources
MTB.AXMount Burgess Mining
MRD.AXMount Ridley Mines
MGV.AXMusgrave Minerals
MYL.AXMyanmar Metals
NAG.AXNagambie Mining
NML.AXNavarre Minerals
NTL.AXNew Talisman Gold Mines
NWF.AXNewfield Resources
NPM.AXNewPeak Metals
NME.AXNex Metals Exploration
NXM.AXNexus Minerals
NIU.AXNiuminco Group
NMI.AXNorthern Mining
NVA.AXNova Minerals
ODM.AXOdin Mining
OKU.AXOklo Resources
OAU.AXOra Gold
ORN.AXOrion Gold
ORM.AXOrion Metals
PMY.AXPacifico Minerals
PAN.AXPanoramic Resources
PEK.AXPeak Resources
PEX.AXPeel Mining
PEL.AXPelican Resources
PNN.AXPepinnini Minerals
PNX.AXPhoenix Copper
PGM.AXPlatina Resources
PDZ.AXPrairie Downs Metals
PDI.AXPredictive Discovery
PRX.AXProdigy Gold
PSC.AXProspect Resources
PUR.AXPursuit Minerals
RAG.AXRagnar Metals
RHI.AXRed Hill Iron
RDM.AXRed Metal
RMX.AXRed Mountain Mining
RVR.AXRed River Resources
RCP.AXRedbank Copper
RDS.AXRedstone Resources
RLC.AXReedy Lagoon Corp
RBX.AXResource Base
RXM.AXRex Minerals
RIE.AXRiedel Resources
RIM.AXRimfire Pacific Mining
RXL.AXRox Resources
RCO.AXRoyalco Resources
RBR.AXRubicon Resources
RTR.AXRumble Resources
S2R.AXS2 Resources
SBR.AXSabre Resources
SMI.AXSantana Minerals
STN.AXSaturn Metals
SCN.AXScorpion Minerals
SHH.AXShree Minerals
SBU.AXSiburan Resources
SIH.AXSihayo Gold
SCI.AXSilver City Minerals
SVL.AXSilver Mines
SRI.AXSipa Resources
SMG.AXSoon Mining
SXX.AXSouthern Cross Exploration
SAU.AXSouthern Gold
SUH.AXSouthern Hemisphere Mining
SVM.AXSovereign Metals
SEI.AXSpeciality Metals International
SPX.AXSpectrum Rare Earths
SGQ.AXSt George Mining
SVY.AXStavely Minerals
SRZ.AXStellar Resources
SHK.AXStone Resources Australia
STA.AXStrandline Resources
SOR.AXStrategic Elements
STK.AXStrickland Metals
SRK.AXStrike Resources
SDL.AXSundance Resources
STM.AXSunstone Metals
SUP.AXSuperior Lake Resources
TLG.AXTalga Resources
TLM.AXTalisman Mining
TAM.AXTanami Gold
TRL.AXTanga Resources
TAR.AXTaruga Gold
TAS.AXTasman Resources
TMX.AXTerrain Minerals
TZN.AXTerramin Australia
TGM.AXTheta Gold Mines
TMZ.AXThomson Resources
THR.AXThor Mining
TPO.AXTianpoh Resources
TIE.AXTietto Minerals
TTM.AXTitan Minerals
TNR.AXTorian Resources
TKL.AXTraka Resources
TON.AXTriton Minerals
TRM.AXTruscott Mining Corp
TYK.AXTychean Resources
VAL.AXValor Resources
VAN.AXVango Mining
VAR.AXVariscan Mines
VEC.AXVector Resources
VRX.AXVentnor Resources
VMS.AXVenture Minerals
VXR.AXVenturex Resources
VMC.AXVenus Metals Corp
VIC.AXVictory Mines
VKA.AXViking Ashanti
VML.AXVital Metals
WKT.AXWalkabout Resources
WAF.AXWest African Resources
WWI.AXWest Wits Mining
WSA.AXWestern Areas
WCN.AXWhite Cliff Minerals
WRM.AXWhite Rock Minerals
WC8.AXWildcat Resources
XAM.AXXanadu Mines
ZMI.AXZinc Of Ireland

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