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Axe-Houghton Industrial Stock Price Average

Business Booms & Depressions Since 1775 - PDF

US Consumption - Global Minerals Consumption - Global Minerals Supply

Charts suitable to print out large size & mount on your wall.
See the Long Term History at a glance.
All charts are 1850x1300 pixels in size.
We make charts on demand.

The Styles available are:

Annual Quarterly Quarterly Quarterly Monthly Daily Daily
Long Term Long Term 1900 on 1950 on 1970 on 1970 on 1990 on
Linear or Log Linear or Log Linear or Log Linear or Log Linear or Log Linear or Log Linear or Log

The Series available are:

SERIES: Starts in Year:
Gold 1718 Sample
Silver 1718 Sample
Platinum 1880 Sample
Copper 1784 Sample
GBP/SILVER 1792 Sample
GBP/GOLD 1792 Sample
Crude Oil 1860 Sample
Heating Oil 1978 Sample
Natural Gas 1930 Sample
RBOB Gasoline 1860 Sample
CRB Index 1885 Sample
DAX Index 1855 Sample
FTSE Index 1800 Sample
N225 Index 1914 Sample
DJ Industrials Index 1800 Sample
Nasdaq Composite 1938 Sample
SP500 Index 1800 Sample
Fed Fund Rate 1920 Sample
30 Year Long Bond 1798 Sample
CHF/JPY 1862 Sample
GBP/CHF 1816 Sample
GBP/JPY 1862 Sample
GBP/RMB 1949 Sample
GBP/USD 1885 Sample
USD/CHF 1815 Sample
USD/JPY 1862 Sample
USD/RMB 1949 Sample
Cocoa 1784 Sample
Coffee 1815 Sample
Corn 1784 Sample
Cotton 1784 Sample
Feeder Cattle 1858 Sample
Lean Hogs 1858 Sample
Live Cattle 1858 Sample
Oats 1784 Sample
Orange Juice 1966 Sample
Rough Rice 1957 Sample
Rubber 1890 Sample
Soybean 1914 Sample
Soybean Meal 1947 Sample
Sugar 1784 Sample
Wheat 1784 Sample

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Please state which Series (commodity/forex/index) & which Style you would like:

Please specify the Tick Length (annual/quarterly/monthly/daily),
Time Frame
(long term/1900/1950/1970/1990) and Style (linear/log format).

Other series not shown here can also be supplied - please enquire.
Charts made to your specific order. Contact us.

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