Historical Canadian Goldstock Charts From The Late 1970's

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Canadian Gold Stocks: 1978-1980
Source: Canadian Mining & Oil Stock Charts - August 1981

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Major Gainers
Note: lows & highs are approximate

Stock - TickerApprox
NRD Mining - NMN0.0519.138,200
Silverstack Mines - SVR0.13636,000
Banner Resources - BSS0.051632,000
Carolin Mines - CLL0.256.528,250
United Hearne Resources - UHR0.123.323,300
Cons. Cinola Mines - CSZ0.12222,000
Cusac Industries - CQC0.0510.621,200
Copper Lake Explorations - CKX0.0510.521,000
Belmoral Mines - BME0.24020,000
New Cinch Uranium - NCU0.1529.519,667
Joutel Copper Mines - JTL0.059.418,800
Page Petroleum - PGE0.235.217,600
United Westland Resources - UWR0.117.517,500
Twin Richfield Oils - TWR0.058.416,800
Bearcat Explorations - BEA0.114.514,500
Futurity Oils - FTY0.05714,000
Canadian Bashaw - CNB0.05714,000
Arizona Silver Corp - ARZ0.113.513,500
Dumagami Mines - DM10.113.313,300
QMG Holdings - QMG0.1519.913,267
Stock - TickerApprox
Santana Petroleum - SNA0.045.313,250
Santa Sarita Mining - SRG0.11313,000
Bluewater Oil & Gas - BWO0.33913,000
Stanford Mines - SFD0.112.612,600
Gulfstream Resources - GUR0.112.312,300
Flin Flon Mines - FLF0.044.611,500
Rosmac Mines - RCM0.055.711,400
Commercial Oil & Gas - CMO0.055.511,000
Liberty Petroleums - LIB0.055.511,000
Ronrico Explorations - RRX0.055.511,000
Omega Hydrocarbons - OMH0.151610,667
Silverado Mines - SAD0.110.610,600
Lava Cap Resources - LVA0.1212.510,417
Canada Tungsten Mining - CTM0.55210,400
Silver Chief Minerals - SCF0.055.110,200
Coralta Resources - COU0.11010,000
Ego Mines - EGO0.19.89,800
Redford Mines - RDF0.054.89,600
Island Mining & Explorations - IMX0.076.79,571
Quebec Sturgeon River Mines - QSR0.19.59,500

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