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Arbitrade, a new cryptocurrency merchant exchange. Arbitrade is not just an ordinary trade exchange platform. It is the highest standard of an all-in-one merchant banking platform for the cryptocurrency sector.

Together with several partnering countries, Arbitrade will deliver the easiest options to buy into cryptocurrencies, sell out of cryptocurrencies, trade cryptocurrencies, and use cryptocurrencies on a daily basis.

The platform is the highest standard in existence and is 100% insured against all deposits, earns you interest for your deposits in accounts, and pays you for sharing it with others.

There is currently nothing else like it on this planet and, with our multiple patents and partnerships, there will not be another platform like it in the foreseeable future.

We have already started to release news from some of our partners, but this only slightly scratches the surface of where Arbitrade is going.

Source: Leonard Schutzman (Linked-in)

The Arbitrade platform, a holistic end-to-end system, aims to provide crypto-currency access to everyone-from unbanked individuals to seasoned traders. Arbitrade Ltd. seeks to provide this access with a mobile platform via ArbiPay, as well as by physical card systems. Integrating this retail access with Arbitrade Exchange creates a unique on-ramp for everyone from experienced traders to people simply seeking to enter the financial markets.

Arbitrade's crypto-currency merchant exchange Intellectual Property (IP), proprietary software has unique worldwide licensing potential through strategic partnerships, as an example, but not limited to the sectors of Financial Retail Sales and Services, Consumer Products, Food and Beverage Companies, Technology, Computer Companies and Media Companies in all segments of the crypto-currency business, including mining and trading (THE ARBITRADE EXCHANGE) with emphasis on currency mining e.g. Gift Cards, Debit Cards, Money Transfers and Point of Sale Processing.

Robust crypto-currency mining facilities are required for transaction processing that supports blockchain centric solutions, including ArbiPay's crypto-currency transactions at the retail level or large scale trading on the Arbitrade Exchange. Arbitrade Mining supports these objectives by garnering mining rewards and processing fees. Each of these businesses reinforces the others.

Arbitrade Ltd. intends to offer a complete suite of token services which include, cryptocurrencies, altcoins, utility tokens, security tokens, asset tokens, reputation/reward tokens and other dApp coins. The company is partnering with existing global infrastructure to provide the fastest gateway to all trading counterparties in 50+ countries. The integration of ArbitradeX (exchange) with the world's largest trading counterparties is expected to provide liquidity, price transparency, high quality token/coin offerings, compliance and security through the world's most recognized and trusted institutions.

In addition, Arbitrade is building, buying and partnering to create a suite of Arbitrage Artificial Intelligence ("AI") to provide an important multiplier to these business results, leveraging return, and allowing Arbitrade to acquire additional hard assets supporting Arbitrade crypto-currencies.

The Arbitrade platform, which includes mining, trading, and the Arbitrade Exchange, together with ArbiPay (our global payments system), positions Arbitrade as the industry leader on a global scale.

Source 10/31/2018

Arbitrade's Future Home Office in Hamilton, Bermuda

Arbitrade Timeline

2017 June - July UNY Launches
2018 February 13 UNY > DIG
February 26 CEO Named
March 5 CoinMiner Partner Watford, Ontario
March 7 Arbitrade buys Cryptobontix
March 16 Buys Mandela Golden Hands
March 17 Dignity Backed By Bullion
May 8 Buys 5500 Mining Rigs Atlanta, Georgia
May 10 3 New Board Members
June 7 World HQ in Bermuda
June 23 Press Conference in Bermuda
September 18 CMP for PR
October 18 AMD Partner
October 23 Buys 838 Mining Rigs
October 31 Buys Victoria Hall
November 5 SKR 395t Gold
January 4 SION Purchase
January 11 $250m LOC - Gold Shipment


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